Is it possible to change the oil at Walmart? How to do it? How much does it cost? Where to do it?

In the car services of this store there is an opportunity to change the oil. Oil will be replaced by responsible and educated specialists.

Questions may arise about the details of this procedure and of course about how much it will cost and whether it is worth it or is it better to go elsewhere for an oil change. You can find out more about it below on this page.

How much is an oil change at walmart currently?

The average price for an oil change is about $20. It is also worth considering that there may be problematic and difficult situations with an oil change, then the cost of the service will increase several times. If we talk about the time of the procedure, it also depends on each specific situation. This takes an average of 20 minutes but may take longer if problems occur.

The buyer, of course, is given the opportunity to independently choose a replacement oil. You can read more about this topic below on this page.

Oil change service. What are they?

The main question after the user has learned about how much is an oil change at walmart will be the question of what kind of oil change options are provided at this place. There are several options, the cheapest (basic) oil option is a quality oil that will really last a long time and will save your car. There is also a premium option - this is synthetic engine oil, this is really a very high-quality oil that is worth its money and has several advantages compared to the usual oil option.

On average, the price for everything will be $ 40 (this is the average option), of course, if you are an experienced driver and you yourself understand what you need, then you can choose the oil for your car yourself, but there is also the opportunity to consult with specialists from the service. They will draw conclusions about your car based on the model and mileage and tell you exactly what kind of oil you need and whether to do anything else.

The price list consists of prices from 20 dollars to 50 dollars for the provision of services. Some items also include additional services (for example, checking various functions or lubricating the chassis), check the price list in special Walmart workshops.

How long will it take to do all this?

It all depends on the specific service center and how many customers there are in that service center.

On average, the whole work takes 20 minutes but it should also be taken into account that certain circumstances and problems may arise, then the waiting time can increase up to 35 minutes.

This is a fairly short period of time. It is not necessary to go home in this case, you can step away for a couple of minutes and everything will be ready.

It is important for the company that the service is of high quality and fast. One of the most important rules of the company is that they must save the client's time and be kind to every minute of the client's waiting. All this raises the status of these service centers to a high level, and this is justified.

What do these service centers use during the procedure?

Everything will depend on each specific client and the car that the client uses. The service takes into account the peculiarity of each car model and selects individual oils for all this.

Super Tech provides filters for these service centers, they are very high quality and work great, this is the standard option. Service centers may also use other filter options if necessary.

Everything will depend on the characteristics of each particular car (model, body, engine parts, and so on).

Where are these places where a client can order this procedure?

Unfortunately, not all Walmart stores provide these services. On average, there is one service center for 5 stores, and since these stores are very common in the United States, it will not be a problem to find several dozen service centers in your city.

Still, it's worth it. The quality of service in these service centers is worth it to spend a little time and find the nearest service center and go there to get quality services quickly and for little money.

You can find out more details about service centers and what services they provide by following the links in this article.


These service centers provide quality oil change services for little money (from 20 to 50 dollars) and in a short time (on average 20 minutes). There are also qualified specialists who will help you in choosing the oil and in choosing other services.

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