How does CarMax help to sell a damaged car?

How does CarMax help to sell a damaged car?
06:14, 10 October 2021

Short answer
The company is ready to buy almost every car, no matter how strong the damages are. Even if it is a salvage car, selling is possible. In the case of a salvage title, CarMax will put its efforts to sell it at the dealer auction. The level of damage also influences the terms of the service. All the details are given below in the article.

Is it possible to sell a car on CarMax?
The company is interested in purchasing all the types of damaged cars. Even if the car was flooded or has frame breaks, it will be bought by CarMax. When the check engine is on, it is not a problem for the company. The company states that they can buy all the cars. It is the motto of CarMax. Nevertheless, the company can refuse in buying the car for many reasons. 

CarMax pays attention to many things before making any decision. The inspection of the car is performed by the company’s appraisers. They perform test-drive of the car, check all the documents and the history to state the exact price of the car. It is noted that the owners often state the incorrect price. They want to get more than the company can provide. Everything depends on many things. For instance, if the frame is badly broken, it will certainly reduce the price greatly. 

Another reason why CarMax is interested in broken or damaged cars is the chance to sell them after the repair. If the company can repair it, it will become possible to sell it on the car lot of the company. CarMax can also sell cars that are badly damaged. It means that the car is almost impossible to drive. Such cars will be sold on dealers auctions. The company must uncover all the disadvantages and breaks of the car in such a case.

Is CarMax interested in salvage cars?
Salvage titles can be also bought by the company. There is no information on the official website about the salvage cars. We connected with the manager to consult if it is possible to sell such a car. The representative of the company confirmed such an opportunity. A salvage car can be really bought from the client. Later, such vehicles will be sold in dealers’ auctions. 

In case, the car is damaged from 75% to 90% it is labelled as a salvage car. The percentage really depends on the state. It is not obligatory means that such a car can become a victim of a car accident. The car can be damaged by floods or other natural phenomena, for example, hail. In this case, it is also labelled as a salvage car. Stolen cars can also become salvage ones. If the insurer has already completed the payment of the claim, the car is considered to be salvaged.

In case of a car accident, the owner has the right to choose the repair. After that, a new title will be given to the owner when all the checks are performed. 

CarMax car selling
The appraisers pay much attention to the cars before making a decision. They perform deep checks and research before buying the vehicle. If the client wants to exchange or sell the car, he needs the following:

  • The title of the car and payoff information;
  • Actual registration of the vehicle;
  • A valid ID of the holder;
  • All the keys and remotes.

Before applying to CarMax the client can also perform some research and checks. Kelly Blue Book will be of great use in such a case. The company can help in valuing the exact price of the car. If the client has any doubts such a service will help him a lot. When the offer is ready and given by CarMax, it will be available within 7 days no matter the client trades in or sells. The sum will remain the same within this period. 

All the additional information is available in the articles devoted to CarMax and various comparisons with other car services. The company really buys almost every damaged car. 

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