What is the period of money enrollment in Global Cash Card? Answered

Short answer
It mainly needs two business days to deposit money on the owners’ account from government institutions and employers. The period of enrollment starts when the money is received in the bank account. If any problems occurred, it is recommended to connect with the payor. It even requires less time to receive money, if the payment is performed via Western Union, MoneyGram or Ingo Money. Further information will be observed in detail below.

What is the period of deposit on the Global Cash Card?
The period of money enrollment on the Global Cash Card mainly depends on the terms of payment. It includes the time when the employer or the institution makes the payment. As the deposit size is connected with the payor, the time of enrollment and funds availability can be really different. We consult the representatives of the company Global Cash to explain all the details and confirm the given information.
Managers from the company explained that funds are transferred to the owners account within two days. As the institution or the employer makes the payment, it requires two days to complete the operation with a direct deposit. It doesn’t mean that the client will have to wait exactly for two days. Funds can become available even faster. Sometimes it happens that the transfer can be detained. The representatives gave no peace of mind as to why the funds can be detained.
The support team claims that it is better to consult directly the payor with these questions. Only employers and government institutions can give all the details of the operation. 

How to load cash and transfer funds?
If the client wants to deposit cash, it will be available faster than the payment made by the employer or other government institutions. In case of depositing cash or transfer via MoneyGram, Western Union or Ingo Money app, it will be enrolled during 24 hours on the Global Card.
The best advice to receive money as soon as possible is to make the payment within the business days. It guarantees that the funds will be available faster on the Global Cash Card. The clients must be aware that commission fees can be taken for the service. Besides, in the FAQ section, there are lots of questions devoted to depositing money using Ingo Money. There can be some differences in it. 

How to withdraw money and check the balance?
The easiest way to check the balance is to consult the support team via phone number (888) 220-4477. It allows the client not only to check the balance but also to find banks for withdrawing money. There is also a two-way text service in the company. The client can easily register there and check the account balance. It is possible to withdraw money from the ATM. 
The client must complete the identification to get his funds. It is necessary to keep an ID with you. 

Additional information
If the client wants to clarify the information about the period of deposits made by other processors, he can consult the research on RushCard, Green Dot and other services.

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