Choosing a rental car: find the best and most economical car for you

We've created a tool for you to find the perfect car rental. We've compiled information from many of the major U.S. car rental companies. The table lists all the key criteria you should have in mind when choosing a car. Criteria such as cost, payment methods, length of a rental car, and types. For clarity and quick selection, you can make your own choice in any category. To do this, just click on the arrow icons at the top of each column.

We gave you the most reliable information as we researched companies in states such as California, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, New York, and Florida. We booked a car from each of the car rental companies in these states. In addition, we also called and contacted customer service departments. We booked not only cars but vans and SUVs as well as luxury cars if possible.

While our information is correct, it's worth noting that the rate can change at any time depending on the location, duration of the rental, as well as the type of car, and the date you plan to rent it. That's why the rates may differ from what we've listed in the selection tool. In addition, more often than not, when you pay in advance, you can get a favorable rate that will be significantly lower. The location also plays a key role; some places have rules that limit one-way rentals.

Car selection tool


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