Some practical ways of getting odd money

You need to drop in the laundry or drive along the toll road, or you are going to use a parking meter at the car park. In most of these cases, you have to pull some coins from the pocket. But if you have no odd money, what to do?

The first thing that comes to mind is to ask your family members or friends to give you some quarters or head to the bank. But what if there is no bank at hand, or it even doesn't work? Do not worry, because there are some ways to find odd money immediately. Frequently you can get loose change in the places where they tend to be applied. Here is the list of some locations that may be very helpful:

Vending machines

A vending machine that sells not only food snacks such as fizzy drinks, gumballs, cookies, etc., but also newspapers, books, and other goods, became such a helpful and widely used thing. Some people notice, if you try to return minted means, the machine gives you your paper money back. That is because modern vending machines tend to keep banknotes or take bank cards. To get odd money, you need to find older models which provide quarters or other coin denominations.

A change machine is a variation of the vending machine. This one provides a loose change as well. But this mechanism occasionally may collect a small fee of a few cents.


Self-service laundries work around the clock so they can help out. Washing machines and dryers are run by inserting the coin in a specialized slot machine — laundromat. Consequently, there are change-issuing machines in the rooms. But sometimes you need to make at least one washing to get some cash.

The staff in several laundries is very prudent. Therefore, at the cash desk, you can purchase coin wrappers. This step helps a lot when there is a shortage of loose change among the clients.

Self-serve carwashes

Self-serve carwashes usually work day and night. Modern car washes are equipped with an advanced facility, which takes debit/credit cards. But older equipment accepts tokens and coins. So these places have coin receptacle which also gives odd money. You can change your dollar into quarters, for example. But before using it, you should find out more about the machine. Several ones do not have actual cash and keep only tokens that are applied only at such services. 


Getting to such a place is not an acceptable way to change your money and receive quarters. You certainly have an opportunity to get odd money, but only in a small amount. Pharmacies like Rite-Aid, Walgreens, CVS provide this option.

That is because the staff does not keep much money in the cash drawer. If you want to cash more money, you better use other methods for this purpose.

Fast food restaurants

The places of street food may be a good choice for getting odd money. But do not expect to find a lot of coins there. Such establishments help out a lot when you look for some quarters or half dollars. In most cases, you have to make a nosh and buy some food no matter what it may be: a sandwich with a beverage or an ice cream. It’s a good thing that such eateries offer meals at reasonable prices.

Food stores

Food stores around the corner may be a great source of loose change. But it all depends on the specific retail spot connected with the terms and conditions of the facility. Just go to the cash desk and try to get a change of two bits or more (sometimes by making a purchase). This variant is common because it lets you cash a large amount of money. Yet remember that because of the lack of coins in the United States, several markets round off the total price of your purchase and do not provide loose change. That may be a problem for some customers, so you better contact the stores and have more information about the question.

Although this option is popular in different stores, keep in mind that the cash drawer at the register may not have many coins for robbery risks eke.

Variety stores

A similar situation is with small round-the-clock convenience markets in your area. As well as food stores, they can give you a change of one or two dollars by quarters or coins of other denominations. But with a high probability, you need to make a small purchase. By this, you apply for the cashback program or get the change by metal means.

Anyway, the amount of odd money at the cashier, the time of day, the rules of the store, and many other reasons influence the getting money change.


Such major stores as Targets, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart provide money change too. But there are some specific conditions. You can get odd money at the cash register. Previously you should find out whether the definite market has enough coins. A manager's permission is required for this operation. Sometimes the staff has to go somewhere to collect the cash. Then there is an opportunity of getting coins of various denominations: buffalo heads, short bits, or two bits. Also, the stores often have bankrolls. So you can buy them if the store has no change. 

If stores do not have a change, you can make purchases only by card. For more details, contact any of your local stores and find out whether it is possible to get small coins. 

Hotel/motel reception

You can explore the coins in motels, guesthouses, hostels. The commonly amiable and hospitable staff try to get some change for you. And if you are a client and supposed to spend time there, administrators do this operation more willingly and can even pick some quarters for you.


Some libraries and media centers have change machines. But people occasionally notice these automats may lack quarters, for example, and instead offer the coins of other denominations: nickels, dimes, etc. Thus if you are not a reading fan and look for odd money of a definite value at hand, maybe this variant is not for you.

Street musicians

Some people prefer another exotic method of getting quarters. It is listening to the music of buskers. Enjoying the new compositions and getting satisfied with the performance of street musicians is not only a great chance to enrich your inner world but the opportunity to change the banknotes to some coins.

Bowling and Arcades

The bowling center is another popular place for leisure. Bowling alleys usually have change machines, so you can use them to get short change. If not, try to buy some food in the restaurant or bar areas. They are often inside the bowling lounge.

Most bowling clubs nowadays have arcade games machines, which present coin-operated automates. This fact implies the presence of a change machine nearby.


Slot machines or fruit machines in casinos require coins to operate. So you can find bill changers near them. The advantage is that these automates usually have a lot of loose change because of the high trafficability. Therefore, if you have any casino around, you are a real lucky.


Contrary to a common belief, you can’t get change from coins machines. For example, Coinstar automates. This facility is applied to turn loose change into banknotes.

To prevent the cases of coins shortage, take measures to it and make reserves of odd money. Just head to the bank and buy some coin wrappers. You can purchase pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters. For example, a roll of 20 half dollars will cost you $10 (empty rolls are gratis in many banks). As a result, there are plenty of metal means in your pocket. And you always have loose change in coins of various denominations. If you are about to use this service regularly, you’d better make an account. This fact permits you to get change at your local bank. It will help you to avoid possible rejections of making a change or cashing out from the financial organization in the future.

There are also online services that can deliver your rolls. For instance, Walmart’s online store offers coin wrappers with different coin denominations. You can order them with free shipping.

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