Lowe’s Credit Card Increase: How to Request a Credit Limit Increase

Short Answer
If you want to request an increase in the credit limit on your Lowe’s Advantage Card, you need to call the number indicated on the back of the card or contact the Lowe’s store (although in this case, you will need to speak with a Lowe’s representative). Requesting an increase in your credit limit will not damage your credit line. Below you can see more detailed information on increasing the credit limit on Lowe's card.

Lowe’s Credit Card Increase Process
To increase your credit limit, companies will need to check your payment history and base their decision on their risk profiles. You can make a request for this operation by calling (800) 444-1408 (credit card department) or contacting the nearest Lowe's store. All you need to do is just indicate your income for 12 months and indicate the specific credit limit that you are going to use.

The information provided above is fully verified by us, through a conversation with representatives of the credit card department, we also contacted the managers of Lowe's stores in the various US states (Kansas, Florida, Arizona, etc.) and they confirmed that the store employees can do this while you are in the store in person and speak to the loan representative on the phone.

Credit Impact
A request for an increase in the credit limit will not lead to a deterioration of the client's credit line (even if the bank refuses this service). The bank conducts all analysis without anyone's help and does not report the results to any national credit bureau - according to credit partner Lowe’s.

Lowe’s Advantage Card Terms & Perks
The Lowe's Advantage Card requires customers to have a credit rating of about 600 or more, which is a fair credit rating. Lowe's Advantage Card has a high annual interest rate and charges deferred payment penalties.

The advantages of the card are a 5% discount on eligible purchases; lack of annual wholesale; Special financing options for the purchase of bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning purchases.

You can find out a lot more about Lowe's Card in our list of the easiest cards to get. Either, you can learn in detail how to use the shopping cart trick and which credit bureaus this company uses for its credit requests.

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