Is it possible for Amazon to do Afterpay?

The world of technology and banking is constantly changing. More convenient and interesting for the user payment methods are constantly appearing. One such interesting method is the postpaid method.

If you are interested in this store supporting this feature and how to implement it all, then just read below, there you will find answers to all your questions.

Does amazon have afterpay?

This is very unfortunate, this store does not support this payment system at this time. Instead, this store has special offers for special cardholders, these special offers apply to a strictly limited number of products (some tablets and e-readers).

This decision on the part of the company arose not just like that, there are certain reasons for this. If you want to learn more about this and delve into the politics of the company, then just keep reading.

What is the problem? Why does the store not support this payment system?

People very often ask the question – does amazon have afterpay? When they hear "no" in response, they immediately ask the question "why?" Well the answer is very simple. It is not profitable. Some major Internet platforms have simply decided to exclude this system from payment methods because it does not bring enough benefits.

This store did not follow the example of other platforms that emphasize this system, as it stimulates sales. Amazon has decided it's just not needed at this time.

This online store has a huge user base and huge capital. Now they do not need to install this system, because they earn more and more every year (and this is not only in the United States but also in other countries where this store exists).

It is possible that they will add this platform when they feel market pressure, as many users leave this store and start using those that have this payment system. Unfortunately, this will not happen in the coming years, because now this store is the leader among stores and there are no prerequisites for this to change.

Maybe there is some alternative?

There is an alternative. Do not be upset if you cannot use the Afterpay service. There are several other ways for you to buy now and pay later.

There are ways, they go through Klarna and Zip (you can read the full instructions on how it works and how to use the Klarna feature here).

Zip allows the user to buy an item and then pay for it (4 stages of payment here). To do this, you need to enter your card details on the store's website.

As can be seen from the above, despite the fact that this online store does not support the Afterpay function, there are still options on how to pay later. Yes, it's not so convenient, but still, this method exists and it's not bad, some users may pay attention to it.

Are there other stores that support this feature?

Although this large store does not have the ability to support this feature, there are still a lot of other stores that provide the ability for the user to use this feature.

This function is supported mainly in online clothing and beauty products stores.

Stores that support this feature include Old Navy, Dillard's, UGG, MAC Cosmetics, and many more. Indeed, there are a lot of them. There are about seven thousand of them, all of them operating in the United States. You should pay attention to whether there is such a function in the payment section of the store website (or in the FAQ section).

While Amazon is the most popular and highly rated store for buying a lot of things, don't limit yourself to just Amazon. There are many more interesting stores on the Internet that offer quality goods and good service. These stores may have better-developed payment systems, as these stores are not popular and they need to provide the best possible service and user experience so that they return to their site again and again.


This online store does not support such a convenient payment function as Afterpay, but at the same time, there are some alternatives through cards.

This store offers a special payment option for various products, which are limited in quantity.

For a user who prefers to use this particular payment system, it is better for him (her) to turn his attention to other online stores that offer such an opportunity (the list of these stores can be viewed at the link).

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