All Information Which A Potential Candidate Needs To Learn About The Process Of Carrying Out Background Checks In Amazon

Amazon seems to be one of the biggest employers for a huge number of Americans, second only to one. Almost everyone can get a job here.

Later in this article, the applicant for the position will have an opportunity to learn something new about the process of carrying out background checks!

Amazon's Background Check Policy In 2022

As any employer, Amazon has its own policy. According to Amazon's Background Check Policy, it is important to conduct a background check. This process, in turn, must include a criminal record check, various kinds of offenses and serious crimes over the past seven years. These checks are carried out between a personal interview and confirmation of employment. This is necessary for trust in new employees. Besides that, people with criminal records can get a job at Amazon, but all this happens on an individual basis.

Additional information can be found in this article.

All Necessary Information About Application And Interview Process For A Potential Candidate

Amazon has quite serious hiring policy because it is a large employer in the United States.

For the beginning, the applicant for the position needs to fill out an online application in order to pass an interview in the future. This application can be found at (all questions are different, and at the same time depend on the vacancy of the applicant for the position).

This application is filled out in the same way as others. A person will have an opportunity to study all kinds of vacancies and provide all the information about himself when he creates an account and launches the app.

After submitting the first application, there might be some time to wait for an answer about the interview. Also, it is necessary to double-check the email address because Amazon will contact about further actions.

For most management positions, it is necessary for applicant to pass a brief assessment. It usually takes no more than half an hour. This method always helps to understand everything about whether the competencies of a candidate for a position are suitable.

The interview stage is the next step, where the application goes. It is worth remembering that this will happen only with a successful assessment or application for a vacancy of a warehouse worker or delivery driver. Amazon has the opportunity to conduct an interview remotely (by cell phone). Other companies do not have such an opportunity. A potential employee will receive a conditional job offer upon successful answering on all questions. To do this, it is necessary to pass background checks of the company's employees.

Everything About Data Verification

In general, Amazon has a standard policy: in order to successfully obtain the desired position, employees need to conduct a criminal record check without fingerprints for seven years. This is done in order to be able to take into account convictions, such as, for example, misdemeanors or serious crimes during this period.

The undoubted advantage is that even people with criminal records will be able to get a job here, but, again, everything is decided on an individual basis.

As a rule, it is unlikely that a person with a conviction for fraud or theft from a previous job will be awarded a chance to get a job in Amazon.

Simultaneously, candidates for a position with minor crimes that are not related to work and official duties are more likely to get a job.

Today, a professional service is needed for routine verification, as well as searching through all publicly available records. This necessary procedure is carried out in order to identify arrests, crimes and even charges.

Upon completion of the audit, a decision on employment will be provided within a few working days.

Amazon will definitely notify candidates who have not qualified for a particular vacancy in accordance with the FCRA.

According to this Law, none of the employers have the right to consider criminal records that are more than seven years old. Therefore, those who have a seven-year-old or more criminal record can be calm, because Amazon will not have an opportunity to consider it during the question of hiring.

Besides, there are some additional rules inherent only to some specific states. For a better understanding of what a person needs to be prepared for during a criminal background check, he can simply familiarize himself with the legislation of a certain state.

Everything About A Link Check

In addition to all of the above, it is important for Amazon to check recommendations during the hiring process, but this usually happens quite quickly and fluently, since the company has a huge number of applications that are physically impossible to thoroughly check them.

In other words, managers just need to make sure that the recommendations are reliable. Attention is often paid to the title of the position, salary, and overall performance.

Obviously, it is really important for all employers to understand who they are going to contact. For this reason, managers check links to confirm information from the resume.

Most likely, managers will not find fault and set impossible requirements, but will simply contact your previous bosses. At the same time, this action will depend on where and by whom the candidate worked before, as well as which position he wants to get now.

If a good impression is left on a person at the last workplace, then he should not be afraid of checking recommendations.

If everything is honest in the resume, most likely there will not be any serious problems when checking recommendations.

By the way, for most hourly positions, a resume is not needed at all. To do this, there is a focus on interviews, background checks and drug testing.

Drug Test Results: Necessary Or Not

In order to get a job, the applicant for the position needs to be tested to detect the use of narcotic substances. A potential employee is required to take a mouth swab. This procedure is carried out after the interview.

Absolutely every smear undergoes a laboratory test for the presence of drugs that are prohibited in a certain state.

Amazon requires medical examinations every year. At the same time, many candidates for a particular position have the right to use a drug testing kit at home.

Simultaneously, the right to choose materials for testing remains with the company.

More detailed information about the company's policy can be found in the relevant articles, for instance, in an article about Amazon's policy regarding mandatory overtime.


Summing up, we conclude that in order to obtain a position, it is necessary to go through the processes of checking recommendations, checking criminal records and drug testing by candidates for the positions provided. Managers will definitely contact applicants after submitting an online application for any of the many available vacancies. This will be done for an assessment or an interview.

The candidate must wait until the end of checking his history for any violations over the past seven years.

Currently, fingerprints are no longer required for data verification. A comprehensive platform is used to verify public records. It is also important that recommendations from previous employers will most likely be requested, as well as tests for the presence of traces of drug use in the body. These procedures are performed before confirming and accepting a job offer.

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