Electronic Benefit Transfer cards and other federal payments at Sam’s Club

Electronic Benefit Transfer (or EBT) cards are provided by a state social program aimed at supporting deprived households. The SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance gives an opportunity to poor families to purchase nutrition products applying a monthly allowance. Yet, insurance is not valid in every supermarket, and a plan doesn’t comprise all products.

Does Sam’s Club take EBT? The working system

Yes, customers can apply family care at Sam’s Club. Another advantage is that this retail chain often holds promotions, and average prices there are much lower than those of other retailers, and large packages for wholesale purchases are on the shelves, which are also more profitable, especially if the buyer's family is big.

The preferential system operates in all states of the US, but people can apply benefit cards only by doing offline shopping, as well as through a special mobile application.

To enjoy all the benefits of SNAP, register your personal profile and get a plastic card in your state of residence. You need to come up with a password for it.

When making transactions, experts recommend finding out the residual funds in advance so that there is sufficient money to buy goods. Otherwise, in case of funds’ shortage, an entire bargain may be rejected.

To apply advantages, customers should inform the cashier about a special benefit’s availability at the end of reading all prices from the barcode. You only need to enter the resulting purchase amount. If any product is not included in the EBT goods list, it can be left in the receipt via other paying ways.

The receipt shows the expenses and the remaining balance of the amount of preferential insurance, which is very handy.

List of products that EBT customers can purchase at Sam's Club

The assortment of hypermarkets of this retail chain includes all products that SNAP pays for. The fact is that the plan’s goal is not only to provide profitable purchases, but also to give an approach to healthy eating. This allows people not to misuse foods such as pasta/other carbohydrates, and also protects children from their parents not spending the allocated funds on the goods that of an unhealthy lifestyle.

But what can you buy at Sam's Club? The list of products is quite extensive and looks like this:

  • fresh green grocery;
  • cereals;
  • sour cream, cheese, milk;
  • protein products of animal origin;
  • wholesome snacks (fruit chips/ dry mixes);
  • juices.

Customers have access to long-term storage products in cans and for the refrigerator storage (pizza / ice cream / beans).

Customers may also buy seeds to grow the own crop. However, this strategy is not applied to buying animals, i.e., it’s impossible to buy fowl for subsequent breeding.

Limitations of certain product categories

Among «prohibited» products, cigars or alcohol-containing beverages are primarily found. People can't buy hot dishes with a benefit card as well.

Among other products are:

  • hygiene items;
  • household supplies;
  • animal feed stuff;
  • vitamin complexes.

On the one hand, it would be good to include excluded products in the insurance program. However, this would affect the quality of the provision of other services. The listed items consider individual requests, and dietary supplements require consultation with specialists. Therefore, EBT focuses only on food, and its quality and impact on the human body is easier to determine, benefactors can be sure that people will definitely buy worthwhile goods for their donations that will cover basic nutritional needs (although customers can’t buy children’s nutrition because it’s not in an EBT plan.)

To accurately spot the product that is suitable for purchase, customers should set eyes on its composition and find out a mark with «Supplement Facts»: such items are not possible to be bought via a benefit card.

Online purchases in the light of a SNAP program at Sam's Club

Does Sam's Club take EBT on e-commerce? No. The Food Stamp Program doesn’t work with out-of-physical store bargains. It’s also impossible to make a payment through the Instacart tool, through which people get food pack delivery. The mobile application is still developing, and work not for all supermarkets. In addition, it is not yet possible to buy EBT goods through it. But for other items, the app is well suited. People may apply the retail network’s native application for non-offline bargains with other goods.

Virtual services for deprived buyers

EBT and Instacart collaboration hasn’t existed very long, so to know for sure which hypermarkets support this program, go to the official website of the electronic service and find the nearest store on the list. Delivery via this mobile application can be up to the door.

The list of operating companies includes:

  • Cardenas Markets;
  • Earth Fare;
  • Food Bazaar;
  • Wegmans;
  • Piggly Wiggly;
  • SuperLo Foods.

WIC: a project’s goal, and pros for families

WIC or the special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children has a lot in common with the SNAP, but focuses more on protecting motherhood and supports pregnant, nursing and deprived mothers.

A national plan doesn’t cooperate with Sam's Club, and the list of goods allowed for buying is slightly different. The program allows people to buy the products listed above, but the organic class of goods is applied only for garden-stuff.

But such insurance is more aimed at preserving clinical health and covers the costs of specialized or therapeutic nutrition for children with certain diseases.

However, Walmart — an offshoot of Sam's Club — accepts EBT cards that fall under the Supplemental Nutrition plan. To find out the list of supermarkets in which people buy discounted products, visit a campaign’s official website, enter a zip code/region. There, customers can find a full range of goods that are on the insurance coverage enumeration.


When customers are about to apply EBT at Sam's Club hypermarkets, they will succeed. But not while buying online: it should be borne in mind when planning shopping. The program of support for low-income families has several variations and allows you to make profitable bargains, sometimes buying many high-quality goods at reasonable prices for long-term storage. Therefore, do not neglect such help.

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