Popular sites for shopping by FlexPay are Hatch by Wilcom, HSN and others.

FlexPay is a payment system allowing you to buy the things you desire and pay for them within a certain period. When we go shopping, we usually pay for all at once, but Flexpay allows us to buy what we want without paying the whole price at once. Using Flexpay, we pay for purchases in installments, in multiple payments. The following are the features of this method that make us happy:

  • One of the main benefits of using flexpay is the lack of any fees. Most sites that provide flexpay are interest fee, which makes using flexpay a better option than a full credit card payment.
  • Flexpay is ideal for people with poor or no credit history, as sites with this payment system do not perform credit checks. The main conditions for getting this service are being 18 years old or older, having an account, and having an identity card.
  • Simple to control your finance and payments because payments are fixed and monthly over a period of time.
  • If you have a bad credit history, Flexpay is a good opportunity to correct the situation. Since Flexpay sends information to the credit bureau in most cases, the most important thing is to make your payments on time.

It is worth noting that flexpay is the name of the company that offers this payment system. But many sites have created their service under the same name, with their conditions of use. But all of them have the same main goal - the ability to pay for goods in equal possible installments. Below you can study examples of the main sites that use this service, conditions required to obtain this service.

After researching and comparing many sites, we are ready to recommend the following companies to you. 

There are many Flexpay sites on the Internet: for example, online retailers, vacation and hotel reservation services, and so on.

Home Shopping Network (HSN) is a great Flexpay company that allows you to pay for almost all purchases. HSN is suitable for home goods, appliances, clothing, and cosmetics, electronics, and groceries.

PrimeSport is great for vacation and leisure planning. If you need to buy tickets to major sporting events or concerts, book hotel rooms, and plane tickets, use PrimeSport. Best of all, you can easily buy passes to Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood with FlexPay.

Popular store sites with Flexpay

Below you can find companies that offer Flexpay as a payment method. We've selected highly rated stores with easy access to Flexpay payment system.

Home Shopping Network (HSN)

  • FlexPay availability: Ability to pay for almost all items. Shipping options for the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands are available.
  • Payment terms: The first payment is deducted upon purchase, and the balance is divided into 5 equal monthly payments. Payments are automatically divided and deducted.
  • How to apply: When you make a purchase, you just need to specify the Flexpay payment method, and you'll be billed immediately, including shipping and tax.


  • FlexPay availability: You can pay for trips, concert tickets, etc.
  • Payment terms: You can choose to pay in equal monthly installments or split the payment into two parts: the first installment at the time of purchase and the second installment before the event.
  • How to apply: You need to select Flexpay at the time of booking or paying for your order.

Universal Orlando

  • FlexPay: the ability to purchase season tickets for attendance at different times
  • Payment terms: First installment immediately, the rest is automatically divided into eleven equal shares
  • How to apply: First you must choose the season ticket of your choice, and then choose the Flexpay feature when paying for it. Then you will be debited with the first installment. The remaining amount will be automatically deducted.

Universal Studios Hollywood

  • FlexPay availability: Different levels of subscriptions with a year's duration
  • Payment Terms: You must first make a down payment of $110, and the balance is automatically divided into eleven installments.
  • How to Apply: Once you've selected the right subscription for you, you'll need to select the Flexpay payment method and be sure to read all the terms and conditions, after which you will be charged immediately for the first payment.

First Class Vacations

  • FlexPay availability: The ability to pay for vacation vouchers
  • Payment Terms: You can choose to pay in installments of 6 to 24 months using NSA
  • How to apply: To use Flexpay, you need to register on the booking site or inform your travel agent.

Think Vacation Homes

  • FlexPay availability: you can choose a great vacation home for a great time.
  • Payment terms: one of the conditions is a 20% deposit, which is non-refundable. The cost is made up of the deposit and the total cost of the vacation home. Two months before you move into the house, you will automatically be charged the balance.
  • How to apply: You must register online to set up payments. Once you choose a home you like, you need to call the reservations department and book the home with a deposit.


  • FlexPay availability: Here you can book your favorite cruise, resort for the best vacation, hotel, or take everything in a package.
  • Payment terms: you pay a minimum of $400 in the beginning and pay the rest in installments, but the key is to pay the entire balance 45 days before departure.
  • How to apply: Be sure to select Flexpay as your payment method when booking your vacation.

Hatch by Wilcom

  • Terms: With FlexPay, you can purchase the Hatch Embroidery Digitizer and/or Hatch Embroidery Composer, and you don't have to pay the entire amount at once. For convenience, you can divide your payment into 12 equal installments, which will be automatically debited via PayPal.
  • Shipping: After you place your order, you will be given a secure link that you will receive via email along with instructions.
  • How to apply: After selecting an item and placing your order, you will need to select Flexpay.

In conclusion

Flexpay is a generic term and company that offers a flexible payment service. With this service, people can purchase expensive goods and services without incurring large financial losses.

There are many online stores and booking services that provide their own service with the same name as Flexpay. The terms of use and payment may be different, but they all have one goal in common - to make shopping accessible to everyone. This payment system is convenient for people with bad credit history and for those who cannot pay the full amount at once. One advantage is the lack of interest and commissions, as well as the ability to pay for purchases in equal monthly installments.

The most popular sites for shopping are HSN, Primesport, and Universal Studios. Depending on what you need to buy, such as household goods or travel tickets, you choose the company you want. You can find out how to plan your vacation without big financial losses in our article on how to finance a vacation.

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