Where you can and where you can NOT buy gift cards online and collect them in stores

Where you can and where you can NOT buy gift cards online and collect them in stores
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13:01, 27 October 2021

Short Answer
Unlike most stores, Best Buy allows its customers to purchase third-party gift cards online and collect them at their local store. If you want to know information about buying gift cards on the website and picking them up at the store, as well as about alternative delivery methods, read below.

Where a store customer can buy gift cards online and collect them in stores
Most stores in the United States do not provide a way for shoppers to purchase a gift card from the store's website and then collect it. We contacted many stores in the USA and only Best Buy provides the opportunity described above. The client can order a gift card on the official website of BestBuy.com. There, the client can choose between delivery from the store (takes about an hour) or delivery by USPS (about a week, free of charge).
Pickup of the gift card from the store depends on their availability (some cards may be temporarily absent), this is worth paying attention to. When the card is ready, BestBuy sends an email. Then the customer needs to go to the pickup area and show the ID and the letter that you received by e-mail.

Also, the buyer can independently pick up from the store all third-party gift cards (for games, travel, etc.) that were put up for sale by BestBuy. But it is worth noting that BestBuy doesn’t sell Visa and Mastercard gift cards on the Internet.
The buyer can buy gift cards in a store or online (after buying on the website, gift cards are only available for delivery to the address).

Payment and commissions when buying a gift card
When buying BestBuy gift cards, the customer can use any credit card, debit card, or PayPal. No additional fee is required. You just need to select a local store when you issue a gift card on the site.

Which shops do not sell online gift cards for pickup?
We were able to contact over 15 companies and found that they all offer home-only gift card delivery (around 10 days delivery). Among these companies were:

  • Albertsons;
  • Bass Pro Shops;
  • Cabela’s.

For more information on gift card options, see our list of stores where you can buy gift cards cheaply.

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