Sell gift card online – how to get real money?

Sell gift card online – how to get real money?
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10:34, 17 October 2022

Having a computer or a mobile device with the Internet access is not a surprise today. Nowadays it has become much easier to get the necessary information. With a pair of clicks of the mouse you get what you have been looking for. It is possible to make different actions with the gift cards.

Sell gift card online with profit

The main thing you can do with the gift card is either to exchange it or throw away. Some people even think that gift card can be used only one way. In fact, you can sell it and get real money. It won’t take you any additional efforts to do it. Online services provide this opportunity absolutely for free.

If you have the card, you can get real money for not using it. It is not obligatory to use the card, especially when you don’t like the sphere. This is the main aim what such marketplaces are being used for. If you want to experience it on your own you can visit .

How to use the service?

The main task you should do is to find the right platform to exchange the card. We recommend you to pay attention to the website that we have mentioned in the previous section. Open the official page and scan it. You may find lots of information there. If you have any questions, read the section FAQ or blogs.

Then you may pay attention to the cards. You can find those that are supported by the service. Different filters can build them according to different positions. You may see the most popular cards and the least ones. There are even other settings available.

Do the following steps to sell the cards online:

  1. Register the account on the main page;
  2. Check if the card is supported;
  3. Enter the card information.

Expert tips to sell gift cards online

If you are going to use such services for selling gift cards online, you should know that your research can be useful. There are several important positions that are worth discussing:

  1. Analyze the shops to identify the best price. If you want to get as much money as possible, you need some time to look for the best shop.
  2. You can sell gift cards without sending them via post. It will take your time. There are some websites that require sending them a real card. On the one hand, it guarantees the protection, on the other hand, it is connected with extra activities.
  3. Study the regulation that protects your from scam.  Such sites usually ask clients to provide some more information about the personality. It is connected with the proof that you are a real person.
  4. Study the payment regulation. Quick payments doesn’t always provide the highest sum.

What cards are the most valuable?

Gift cards of different shops have different value. The most widespread networks may cost either too expensive, or too cheap. In fact, everything depends on the kind of good. For example, the Wallmart card can cost $15 with the sum of $25. The same card, but for the other service can have a different price.

It is hard to define what cards are the most valuable. You can visit different platforms to learn the sum you are ready to be provided for your card. According to this information you can decide where to sell this or that one. The most valuable cards are those, that sell the most popular or exclusive products. Sometimes, the sum that can be given for the card is 92% from the card denomination.

Risks of selling gift cards online

Probably, the best way for getting money with selling gift cards is to sell them for cash. Nevertheless, such practice can’t be considered as a reasonable idea. You may apply to online platforms to sell gift cards, but the risks are still here:

  1. You will hardly sell the card with the full denomination. In general, you will lose a couple of dollars.
  2. You won’t get money until it is bought. That is the main rule of the marketplace of that kind. Yet, there are some exclusions.
  3. Extra payments or commission fees can be included.
  4. Check the website carefully before using it. The sites are not connected with selling gift cards are quite dangerous for personal information.


The number of online services is constantly growing. Some of them are rather useful, for instance, those that provide the chance of selling gift cards. It is a good opportunity to sell the card that you are not going to use. With several clicks you can upload the card information and get some money. It is much more convenient than selling it among strangers. Here, you will get the money when it is bought. The protective measures guard not only the seller, but the buyer too. Choose the right platform and sell it in the right way.

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