Military discounts at Walmart. Other US stores where military discounts are used

There are men and women who have dedicated their lives to defending the freedom, independence, and well-being of the United States through hostilities service. Some stores, wanting to thank these people, offer them special discount programs. Walmart is not one of those stores, but it does provide assistance to such people through other dedicated programs.

Ways to save extra money when shopping at this store

Despite the fact that this store does not offer discounts for people who served in the army, there are still several ways to save money here.

For example, through promotions. In this store, new promotions are constantly appearing, you should only occasionally monitor their official website and there will be an opportunity to save money.

Use a store card, so you can earn about 5% if you buy through a store card (for more information, contact the store, you can also read our article about this bonus card).

Other shops

There are several discount stores for the military. If you have served or are now serving in the army, if you have someone in your family who has served in the army, you can familiarize yourself with the list below to contact those stores and get discounts:


By creating a partnership online, the client can get savings on the set coupon (about $60). In this case, people who serve in the armed forces and their family members can participate in the action. This promotion is only possible online.


Due to this promotion, the military who now serve and veterans will be able to get a discount of about 15% (you must show proof that a client is a military man). This feature is only available in select stores (contact the store for details).


Due to this promotion, the military who now serve and veterans will be able to get a discount of about 10% on any purchase. This discount has no time limit.

Sam's Club

Due to this action, the military, who are now serving and veterans, as well as their families, will be able to get a $10 discount. This discount has a time limit, but the store often offers similar discounts.


The military, who are now serving and veterans, will be able to get a discount of about 20% on various goods for taking care of themselves (tools, etc.), this is a discount from the regular price. Also, these persons can get a 5% discount on the already discounted garden and lawn care products. This discount has no time limit. This discount is not available for online purchases.

Stores with no discounts for veterans and military personnel

Despite the fact that the provision of such discount programs is common for large stores, there are several companies that do not provide such discounts in any form (exceptions may be on holidays). These are stores such as Big Lots, Target, Kmart, and others.

You can find out more about such discounts in stores if you read our list in a separate article.

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