How to transfer money to Walmart. Commission, fees, and other issues


This store can sell as well as cash transfers (MoneyGram). If the client decides to buy, then the commission, in this case will be lower than one US dollar, in the case of cashing money, the commission is about 5-7 dollars. You can read more about this.

Money order in this store

The store can then sell a money order to the customer. This is done at a special service counter located next to the store entrance. The client can pay for this service both in cash and by card. It is important that this store carries out transfers only in the national currency of the United States, and if you need to send money to another country, you need to make a money transfer.

Commissions and other fees

As noted earlier, the commission for a money transfer is below one dollar (in general, the commission will differ in different states, but in any case, it will be less than one US dollar), it is very cheap to transfer money to the United States.

The maximum transfer amount is one thousand dollars, if the client's amount is more than the above, then in this case it is necessary to buy two or more money transfers (the maximum transfer amount per day is three thousand dollars).

What do you need for this?

First of all, you need to present your ID, and you also need to know the name of the person to whom the translation is intended.

You can read the study on how to do such a translation.


Everything can be done from 7 am to 10 pm (the time may vary depending on the region, you should contact the store and make sure that you can make the transfer at this time).

Cashing out money order in this shop

This shop can only cash out MoneyGram money orders.

Commissions and other fees

In this case, the client is charged a commission. The commission is about $ 4 for cashing out amounts up to one thousand dollars and 8 dollars if the amount is up to five thousand dollars.

What do you need for this?

In order to use this service, the client only needs to provide his ID (no need to register anywhere, etc.).

More on this

You can learn more about remittances in other studies.

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