Dry ice at Walmart. Is it possible to buy it? (price and other questions on this topic)

This product is perfect to make your fun evening even better. You can use it for various purposes, maybe to create a special atmosphere or other similar things.

Many are interested in whether it is possible to buy this product in this store and what you may encounter in the process. Here we will talk about the price, locations and other points that relate to this topic.

Briefly about whether it is possible to buy dry ice in this store at the present time.

Yes, this product is indeed available in this store. Finding it is not difficult, you just need to come to the store with refrigerators and pick up as much as you need. The price of this product at the moment is about $1.5 per pound of goods.

You can learn more about this later in the article. If you need to know something specific, just pay attention to the headings and you will find everything.

The price of this product

This store sells a product of only one manufacturer, it is called Penguin. So, such a product costs about $ 1.5 per pound. Interestingly, the price can be even less. Here it will depend on which store you buy this product from (the price may be less than half a dollar on average).

It is also worth noting that this store sells this product at quite democratic prices because in other stores the price for the same product can be up to four dollars per pound.

It is worth saying that the brand of this product is quite high quality. There are no negative reviews from buyers who would complain about the quality of this product.

Is it possible to find dry ice near me?

If you want to find a store near you that will sell this product, then you have one way to do this. You can call your nearest store and see if they sell this product. In order to find the phone number of a particular store, you need to open the Internet and use your index to find the store you need, call there and ask the store employee if they have this product in stock.

Usually, all stores of this network have this product in stock, since it is not bought very often and it will be easy to find and buy it.

Where exactly can you find this product in the store?

After you have dealt with the item (Is it possible to find dry ice near me?) and come to the store that has this product, you need to find the place where it lies. If you don't want to deal with it yourself, just ask the salesperson in the store to show you the place where this product is located (usually this product is stored in front of the store).

After you have chosen the number of goods you need, you should ask the seller to pack this product. Important: ice must be transported in a refrigerator in order to preserve its original structure. If you do not have a special refrigerator, you can buy it in the same store. Just ask the seller to help you choose an ice cooler.

This product is not available in all stores. Why?

The thing is that this product requires special temperatures for storage. Temperatures that are suitable for other products may not be suitable for this product.

To store this product, you need special equipment (which will keep an extremely low temperature when storing this product), it is not available in all stores of this chain of stores.

Is it possible to buy this product online?

Unfortunately, the store does not allow you to order this product at home. It's all about the difficulty of storing this product during transportation, the transportation service of this store does not have the necessary equipment.

This product can be stored for about a day, and this time is also reduced due to delivery time and other difficulties.

If I didn’t manage to buy this product, can I buy something else made of ice?

Yes, there are various tools for making ice figures in stores, and you also have the opportunity to buy ice packs for coolers, and many other things that you may be interested in buying.

Where else can you buy this product?

If you were unable to buy this product at Walmart or your nearest store does not have this product, then you can try to buy this product in another store of popular brands (for example, Costco or Meijer).

You can also try to find this product in other places where they can sell it to you for little money.

Follow the links to find out much more about where you can buy this product for little money and where this product will be of maximum quality and will not disappoint you.


Walmart sells this product, but unfortunately not in all stores, as this product requires special storage equipment.

The price of this product is below the market average. An average of $1.5, while in other stores this price can be from two to three dollars per pound. This network of stores provides quality products from a reputable company that has established itself as a good manufacturer of dry ice.

If you need to find out about the availability of this product in a particular store, then just call the number that you find on the Internet and ask the seller about it. In the store itself, just go to the manager and ask him to tell you where you can find this product in this store.

Do not be upset if you did not find this product in this store, because you can go to other places and find this product there, it is not difficult.

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