How much can I order carpet cleaning at Walmart? How much is it? And other

If you need to do cleaning but you do not have a suitable device for this, then you can use the rental in the store.

You can find out the details of this feature, how it works, how much it costs and other details in this article. Let's start.

Purchase offer. Price and other points

This store has a function with which you can arrange a rental service for cleaning devices. This can be done using special places where self-service is carried out (these places are available in almost every store of the aforementioned chain of stores). The price list for this service is as follows:

  1. Rent for two days will cost the client $29.99;
  2. Rent for one day will cost the client $39.99.

Various cleaning agent additions are not included in the carpet cleaner rental kit. The client will have to pay for this separately.

Below you can find out which cleaning products you can rent and many other details on this topic.

Where exactly to order this service and can the client check the store for the availability of this service online?

Carpet cleaner rental can be arranged through a special self-service point, which can be found in the chain of stores, which is close to your home.

In order to check and make sure the nearest store provides such a service, you need to check it through the postal code. There it will be clear to you whether a particular store offers such a service or not and you will have to go to another store of this chain of stores.

Instructions on how to use carpet cleaner rental

First step. You need to find a special place where you can arrange a rental (this department is usually located at the entrance to the store);

Second step. Head to that special place where you can arrange a carpet cleaner rental (usually located in front of the store);

Third step. When you get there, you will see a special panel that you need in order to rent a device. Enter some information that is required of you (there is nothing special there. You will not need anything other than your passport or ID);

Fourth step. Choose a payment method convenient for you and pay rent. Then you can pick up your cleaning agent without any problems.

How to return cleaning device

Everything is very simple here. After you did everything you had to do, just come to the rental point (anyone you want, it is not necessary to come to the same point) and enter the data that you entered when you made the rental.

After that, you will have the opportunity to return the product to a special place for storage.

Cleaning range

This network of stores provides a huge range of devices with which you can clean the carpet. These are models such as Wide Track, Pro Portable, X3, and many other high-tech quality devices that will help you in your business.

Customers can check the availability of specific appliances in the store online.

The online system provides users with the opportunity to choose the necessary device themselves, as well as to search for its location on the map of stores of this network.

Late return. What consequences?

Unfortunately, this chain of stores provides for late payment. Since the client has the opportunity to rent the device for one day or two days, if he (she) delays the return of the goods, he will have to pay for an extra day of use (or two, three, four, and so on, depending on how much days the return was overdue).

If the overdue day has not ended, but only part of it has passed, then the client will still have to pay for the whole day of delay.

Can I buy or rent cleaning agents for these devices?

Substances for removing various stains can be bought in stores of this network. Their price varies from 5 to 30 dollars.

There are substances that help remove stains left by animals, other substances are designed for simple cleaning.

For devices, any substances from any manufacturer will work, but you should make sure what kind of "dirty" problem you will be solving in order to buy a specialized tool.

Possibility to rent additional devices for the main cleaning device

There are many different additions to the device. If you have a special carpet that requires extra effort and extra equipment to clean, you can rent it from the same place.

Buying or renting?

The answer to this question will be individual for each of the clients because all clients have different sources of income and the ability to pay rent or buy a device. It is worth paying attention to the purchase if you have serious requests for this and your occupation or work will justify such an investment.

The highest price for the top-end device is about $500, while the minimum price for the device is just over $100.

Is it possible to rent steam cleaners?

Unfortunately, the store does not provide such a service, but a customer can buy such a device in the store for a price of 25 to about 190 dollars.

You should read other articles on the topic of various cleaning devices and products from various firms and companies that manufacture these products.


The Client can rent a cleaning device for a reasonable amount and without any issues, in addition, he (she) can rent various accessories for this device for more thorough cleaning procedure.

There are two rental options to choose from. For one day and two days for little money. Renting for two days is a much better offer than renting for one day. It is very profitable and it is worth trying for customers.

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