All about the dress code at Walmart. Recent changes in the company's policy on this topic

For a long time in this store, employees were required to adhere to well-defined dress codes. Recently, this has changed and now it is possible to use new colors and new tones in clothes.

You can read everything about what you can wear to work if you work in this store and about changes in company policy below.

Briefly about what clothes you can wear to work at the moment

So, employees are allowed to use sweatshirts, jeans (these should be plain jeans, various decor in the form of additional accessories on jeans or jeans with torn knees are prohibited), and trousers of various colors (as well as with various prints) in their bow. It was also allowed to have piercings, dyed hair, and some tattoos.

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Shop uniform. What is known about this?

The store gives its employees some elements of the work uniform. The uniform consists of several things, the color of which will be determined by the store itself (usually the color depends on the location of the store and your position).

Together with these elements, you will wear your own clothes that are comfortable for you, as long as they fit the walmart dress code.

What clothes are not allowed according to the walmart dress code?

Employees are not allowed to wear a number of clothes. Various skinny leggings fall into this list; jeans with decorative elements in the form of torn trenches; jeans with frayed fabric; jeans with various bright prints and patterns; Leggings with various decorations in the form of redundant elements on the legs.

Other clothing that may be prohibited under the dress code is a hoodie. Here, unfortunately, there are no clearly established rules, it all depends on each particular store and the attitude of managers to hoodies. Some managers may allow you to wear this to work, others may not. You better contact your manager and ask him if you will have any problems if you start wearing hoodies to work (this applies to both classic hoodies and zip-up hoodies).

The same is true with shorts. You need to individually find out if you can wear shorts and if you will have problems because of this (usually managers allow you to wear shorts if they are not too short). The same applies to skirts and other similar clothing.

The store bans clothes that attract undue attention and violate some strict elements of the store's operation.

What are employees allowed to wear?

Everything is very simple. Employees are only allowed to wear casual clothing. These are trousers (cargo, suit, chinos); allowed to wear shorts and t-shirts; it is allowed to wear plain jeans without eye-catching decorative elements; allowed to wear shirts; it is allowed to wear baseball caps (exceptions are employees who work at the checkout, they are strictly forbidden to wear baseball caps or other headgear).

Casual or semi-sporty attire is permitted while working in this store. Do not forget that it is best to ask the manager if you can wear a particular item to work and if you will have any problems with it.

Can employees have piercings?

There are only a few restrictions that apply to facial piercings. You will not be allowed to have a facial piercing if you work in some specific department of the store (eg bakery or similar).

If you have a piercing not on your face, but on another part of your body, then you will not have any claims.

Can employees have dyed hair?

There are no restrictions here. It all depends on your store manager. The manager may think that your hair color is too "attracting a lot of attention." You should contact the management of your store and ask them this question. Some managers allow dyed hair, others do not (this applies to all genders, no exceptions).

Can employees have tattoos?

The store's tattoo policy is extremely lenient. You will only be asked to cover up your tattoo (may be asked to cover up with cream or wear clothing that will cover the tattoo) only if it attracts too much attention or if it shows something that does not comply with company policy.

Of course, you need to find out everything from your manager, only the manager decides whether to hide your tattoo or not to pay attention to it. The official store policy has nothing against the tattoo (wherever it is).

Those who are just starting to work in this store should pay attention to the speed card, which gives employees a small discount when shopping in this store.

In addition, you should be familiar with the store's policies regarding various other issues that relate to workers, their privileges and status, what is possible and what is not.


The company provides its employees with an extensive list of clothing that they can wear while on the job. You can combine different colors and tones, but the main thing is not to use all this too much.

There are issues that are regulated by the company, but most of the decisions remain with the manager of a particular store. You should contact your manager every time you decide to change your style of dress a little when you go to work.

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