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Walmart is a very attractive place to work for many people regardless of their social status. This procedure is very important to maintain the company's status as one of the leading stores in the US market, which provides the highest possible quality of service and closely monitors its employees, ensuring the safety of them and customers in the store. This is a very important point for every company to do this for their employees and for their customers, who are very important to the company.

It is important to know whether they check for drugs here or not. You can read about it in this article.

Does walmart drug test currently exist or not?

If your shop hires an employee who will work in a management position or something like that, then in this case the likelihood that they will produce a text on drugs is minimal. If you want to get a job where strict adherence to sanitary standards is necessary (work in some departments of a store, pharmacy), then with 100% probability you will be asked to take a drug test.

You can read more about this later in this article. Here you can find answers to all your questions on this topic.

When is this procedure performed?

So, there are several options when an employee is asked to take a test. You can learn about these scenarios later in this article.

Test after the interview

You may be asked to take a test after the company has verified that you are a good fit for the job, and the test will be a decisive step in getting the job.

The test can be taken on the same day as the job interview.

In general, store employees note that they rarely do a drug test immediately after the interview.

A random test

Here everything remains at the discretion of the managers of each particular store. They can decide when to require you to take a drug test in order to be sure that you will be able to competently fulfill your obligations and not violate the safety of the workplace.

Test due to suspicion

The manager may begin to suspect any employee that he (she) takes drugs and the manager has every right to require you to take a drug test. This is necessary in order to be sure of your competence and that you will not violate safety in the store.

Test after the incident

If during your shift something happened that violated the safety in the workplace and you were involved in this, then most likely you will be asked to take a test (here everything also depends on the manager's opinion of you). This is to ensure the safety of the store.

What test is to be passed?

An employee does a walmart drug test through a urinalysis (this is the most common and simplest option compared to a blood test).

The analysis must be done at a certain time. You come to work, they give you a special container (important: you can’t take anything with you to the test room, be careful if your boss thinks that you changed the fluid, this will automatically mean that you failed the test), you do whatever you need to do and give the container to an authorized person. Then you have to wait for the test result.

What substances can be tested?

Several types of the most popular psychotropic substances are tested here. It is important that the test does not erroneously show whether the store employee has taken any prohibited (or partially permitted) substance. It is important to know this before applying for a job in this company.

How much time is there to do the test?

You have one day to take the test (the countdown starts from the moment your boss notified you to take the test). You will complete the test in a few minutes, and then you will wait for the result (this may take several days).

What will be the consequences?

If you successfully pass the test, then of course you are not in danger. You will either get your job if you just apply for it, or you will continue to work successfully and there will be no claims from management against you.

If it turns out that you took bad substances, then you will not be hired if you are only going to get a job. If you take drugs but are already an employee in this company, then you can be fired (you can also get a serious warning, it all depends on the decision of your management).

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