Walmart pay stub: what is it and how to get it?

The big chain of megastores — Walmart — forms thousands of jobs annually, providing employees with reliable work in compliance with labor law. One of the advantages of getting a salary at Walmart is the ability to request a paycheck stub, which reports all income and deductions. That is handy and allows workers to control their payments planning their budget or a work schedule in accordance with personal goals.

A pay stub or a paycheck stub or a payslip is the document that shows the criteria for the salary paying.

Employees usually receive a payslip when paying by paper check and online when transacting through banking services.

This extract is necessary for confirming the income when you take a loan or rent a house. It is also useful to know the details on amounts assessed. That’s for self-assessment payments.

Fixed pay payslips form:

  • monthly;
  • weekly;
  • every two weeks (standard way).

What does pay stub include?

The payslip usually shows:

  • the name of the company and its address;
  • social security number;
  • pay period;
  • working hours;
  • pay rate (regular and overtime) for a certain period;
  • gross earnings (plus total deducted);
  • net earnings (or take-home pay);
  • wage garnishments (if available).

What the deductions include:

  • FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act);
  • Medicare;
  • 401k (retirement account);
  • other taxes (local/state/federal).

Pay stubs are very important. They are necessary to get the information at time intervals.

My Walmart paystub: how do I get the access to a document?

For the convenience of Walmart employees, the OneWalmart page has been created. 

To log in to your account, you need to enter:

  • user ID;
  • Country/Region;
  • Location (home or store).

The system saves all the statements in the payment history. So you can track reports for any period.

You need to go to the home page and click on the paystub tab. So the information becomes available. You can print the receipt as well.

How to access pay stub at the workplace?

When the employees don’t have a PC or an opportunity to view a salary information, they can visit the office at the Walmart store.

In special office space, there are touch plasma screens, using which you can access paycheck data.

You can also get a printed receipt through Walmart office managers.

Access to the statement after a job change

Many people ask: «Will my Walmart paystub be available after moving to a new workplace?»

Access is possible, but it has several nuances. You can’t get pay stub online in OneWalmart home page, since the account of the former employee is also canceled. But the information will still be available at the Walmart store office. You can ask the managers for a receipt for previous payments and wait until the application is processed.

Convenient PDF format

The pay stub conversion takes place on the OneWalmart page. When the worker is prompted to download a file, the user can immediately convert it to PDF by selecting the option. 

OneWalmart Account

An employee's account at OneWalmart allows you to view not only company news and work schedule but also receive pay stub. The app is available for iOS, Android, there are also desktop versions. OneWalmart application provides working information anytime, anywhere.


A pay stub is an extended receipt detailing deductions, deposits and taxes. 

Most often, an employee requests such information in the following cases:

  • taking a loan;
  • opening a bank account;
  • rent an apartment;
  • cash the check.

Walmart employees can get access to them:

  • online through the OneWalmart portal (at home or at the workplace);
  • via the smartphone app;

in the store's office.

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