Walmart delivered a package to the wrong address: how to solve the problem?

Walmart courier services are pretty reliable. In addition, they often offer various customer loyalty programs such as special discounts, free shipping. There is also Prime loyalty program, offering various benefits, for example, same-day or no-rush shipping (for some contribution for membership).

There are cases of incorrect delivery of goods when the order goes to the incorrect destination.

This problem has several causes/solutions.


The steps to be taken when incorrect delivery

If the customer has not got the package because it went to another destination, you need to contact the store immediately. Just call the client’s support and talk to the managers.

If the shipping company is responsible for the fault, then Walmart returns money to the buyer. But one of the typical mistakes is connected with an incorrectly specified address when ordering goods. The procedure then is different.

Why did a package from Walmart shipped to the wrong address?

There are some causes the parcel can’t reach a correct distance.

  1. False destination. A client makes a slight mistake when specifying a destination. So, the pack arrives at a stranger, and a customer remains without the goods.
  2. Untimely updated information. The actual concern is when a purchase is written down for one destination point but arrives at the other address. Perhaps, a client changed a residence, and forgot to change a data.
  3. Courier service’s mistake. An equally common issue. It is connected with the fact that the courier misreads the address on the parcel and brings it not to the buyer, but to another person. Here, the stranger can take the parcel without notifying about the difficulty. 

That is why the client should carefully check the correctness of the specified information several times when entering personal data and the address. It also helps in searching for a lost parcel to find out what may cause this concern.

Is it possible to got back the parcel?

If the package was delivered to the invalid address, the customer can return the money. This can be done with the help of the following algorithm:

  1. The client needs to log in to the Walmart account.
  2. Then go to the «Orders» page and select «Problem with the order».
  3. After that, the customer needs to «Request refund». Next, a person describes the situation accurately, showing the probable causes of circumstances. An empty feedback text box is for this purpose.
  4. After that, the client clicks «Submit» and constantly monitors the update of the order information.

For those who want to solve the trouble verbally, there is a multichannel Customer Support Service. Here, you can make an application for money back from the operators, describing the matter in detail.

Walmart managers may offer to make a new purchase instead of the previous one. But it hinges on the person on the other end of the phone line. 

When the difficulty arose by a customer’s mistake, Walmart employees have a right not to return the funds to a buyer. In some cases, managers can make concessions.

Responsibility of courier drivers

Walmart doesn’t have its own shipping service. So the store most often cooperates with transport companies that provide intermediary services. This means that drivers are not directly responsible for a parcel and a quality of the goods.

But that doesn’t mean a justice won’t be served. If a driver is negligent, you can make a request to Walmart, then a store will contact the transport service. After clarifying circumstances, a driver can make up for the own mistake.

Walmart warns buyers a marketplace is not responsible for the quality of services provided by courier companies. But even this rule may change.

Does the salesperson guarantee a prompt shipping of a parcel?

Sometimes, a seller is responsible for a package from Walmart shipped to the wrong address. But that’s quite difficult to bring a salesperson to justice. A client may demand repayments if a shopkeeper violates norms of a marketplace, failing to comply with regulations of interaction with a client. Therefore, salespersons often aren’t responsible for improperly delivered parcels and other issues with orders, even if they made the mistake.

But it's worth fighting for your rights. You can try to solve a problem by contacting with a salesperson. Sometimes, a sales agent can make a refund or create another order. But sometimes, it’s impossible to back money for transportation. Thus, this situation can be solved privately.

Is it possible to leave itself the pack for myself if I didn't order it?

A client is not punished for taking someone else's parcel. But sometimes Walmart can clarify the truth by tracing a parcel by the track number. Therefore, in some cases, a courier may get to a receiver and clarify the details about the shipment.

You can enjoy a surprise as a sudden parcel. But it's better to be honest and retrieve someone else's goods back. For this, you should contact Walmart Customer Support.

You may use fast messages on the webpage

How to return someone else's parcel?

If a buyer has got someone else's pack, it’s necessary to contact the Walmart Customer Service and provide the following information:

  • the track number;
  • the residence point;
  • the receiver’s name.

Using a tracking number, you may monitor a true addressee. A courier arrives at the person with someone else’s pack, picks up the parcel and carries it to the exact destination.

Sometimes Walmart can’t find the addressee. So the pack remains with the receiver, and there is no need to pay money for it.

To bring back the pack in personally, the receiver may attempt to contact the customer through the phone indicated on the parcel. But since this information is confidential, it’s better to inform the operator of the Walmart Customer Service. If the staff can’t solve the problem, the receivers may try to deal the pack by themselves. 

On the official Walmart page, you find more detailed information about additional documents for the order, the refund policy and phone numbers for the client’s support.


In case of a parcel’s loss from Walmart, the buyer has a chance to take back the pack. The client just needs to contact the store's customer support. The managers usually offer to:

  • find the pack;
  • recover money;
  • substitute goods;
  • offer different products if in stock there are no goods of the same quality.

When ordering from a salesperson from the marketplace, you solve all the issues with the seller privately.

If you take someone else's parcel, a receiver needs to explain the matter to Walmart. If it’s not possible to locate an addressee, receivers may leave it for themselves.

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