Everything A Customer Needs To Know About An Ability To Use Apple Pay For Making Purchases At Lowe’s

This service is one of the most revered stores with household goods among analogues in the United States. It provides an opportunity of shopping through the Internet or directly at retail stores. It is the best decision for customer as it helps to make purchases faster and easier.

If a customer is an Apple user, it is obvious that he probably mainly uses Apple Pay during his shopping, so he/she should be interested in ability of paying at Lowe's with Apple Pay. In this article, the customer can find answers for all questions related to this topic!

Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Apple Pay is not an affordable method to shopping either in retail stores or online since 2022, but the customer can still use other different options of payment at Lowe's. In addition, PayPal is another available method to shopping through the Internet.

Additional information about why Apple Pay is unavailable for shopping, the possibility of paying with a help of a cell phone, as well as about available methods to buy goods can be found in this article!

For What Reasons It Is Impossible To Use Apple Pay As One Of The Forms Of Payment

Today, there is no any specific information about possibility in using Apple Pay as one of payment forms, but often it is impossible for two main reasons: there is a lack of support for contactless payments with cell phones and focus on lower fees which encourages people to use other available options of payment.

Apple Pay is unlikely to appear as an affordable type of payment it this store (at least there are not any plans related to the creation of conditions for payment via Apple Pay).

Ability To Shopping Through The Internet Via Apple Pay

Unfortunately, Lowe's does not take Apple Pay either online or in retail stores. Therefore, the Apple Pay service will also be unavailable while ordering through the Internet, as well as during the order in the application for cell phones.

Despite this problem, while shopping on the Internet, the customer can pay for his/her purchases with different types of payment.

Ability To Pay For Purchases With A Cell Phone

It is unavailable to use cell phone as payment option in stores, because they just do not support NFC payments.

Unfortunately, such types of payment most likely will not become available anytime soon.

Besides, Apple Pay and Google Pay are unavailable for payment now because there is generally no way to make purchases using NFC at all.

Payment Options Which Are Available

A huge number of different ways to pay is available. For example, it includes debit/cash/gift cards. In addition, payment options such as credit cards of most major suppliers, and Lowe's credit cards are available. PayPal can be used too, but it is important to remember that this payment option can be used only online.

PayPal As One Of The Options To Make Purchases

As it was mentioned earlier, PayPal works exclusively for online payments, but not in retail stores.

To make a purchase with PayPal, «Other payment methods» must be selected when placing an order, after which the option to place an order via PayPal will appear.

Besides, it is really important to remember that a PayPal Cash Card and PayPal QR codes are unavailable as a way to pay online or the way to make purchases in retail stores at Lowe's.

Samsung Pay As One Of The Options To Make Purchases

Situation with Samsung Pay is even more difficult than with Apple Pay.

There is no confirmation about the possibility of using it at all. Despite this, there is irrefutable evidence that it was used earlier as a way to pay.

Samsung Pay has enough advantages. For example, this service uses NFC and MST methods for purchases. By the way, Google Pay and Apple Pay do not use it.

Besides, for Samsung Pay there is no need to update the physical technology, but a software update may be required instead.

Sometimes there are problems with Samsung Pay. For instance, there were frequent messages from customers about difficulties with its work. Also, sometimes people informed about the absence of the Samsung Pay option at all.

Everything A Customer Needs to Know About The Ability To Make Purchases In At Least Some Contactless Way

Lowe's does not support NFC contactless payments in general. Most likely, there are simply no special devices in retail stores in order to shop with contactless payment.

In fact, it is necessary to update devices and technologies for NFC to work correctly, but only a few stores have the capabilities and resources for this. Apparently, now the store does not provide the opportunity to make purchases using contactless payments through cell phones. The only exception is Samsung Pay.

What About Google Pay? Will It Help Customers While Shopping At Lowe's?

As it was mentioned earlier, NFC payments are not currently supported by Lowe’s, and Google Pay is one of them. For this reason, unfortunately, Google Pay is also not mentioned as an available way to pay for purchases while shopping.

Other Stores Where Apple Pay Is Available As One Of The Options To Pay For Purchases

Despite the fact that Lowe's does not take Apple Pay, there is a huge number of different stores which have this option. For example, Walgreens, Kohl's, and others may well accept payment from the Apple Pay user.

Other detailed information can be found in some relevant messages about the possibility of shopping using Apple Pay in stores like Walgreens, CVS and Home Depot.


There is no way to make purchases with a help of Apple Pay neither in retail stores, nor online or in the application for cell phones because at Lowe's there are no any necessary technologies for NFC to work properly.

Despite this, Lowe's tries to provide its customers with a choice so that everyone can buy something. For this reason, the customer can use a huge number of different types of payment.

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