How do I pay at Walmart using the Apple Pay application?

The figures show that more than half of the US residents own Apple smartphones. And the Apple Pay service is used in many chains of stores. It has gained popularity due to its advantages:

  • privacy;
  • safety;
  • quickness;
  • user-friendliness.

Despite the prevalence of the app in numerous hypermarkets, there are exceptions.

How to go shopping with Apple payment today?

Walmart’s customers should know that they can’t pay with the favorite wallet while making purchases. That is true for all types of shopping: both online and offline. Henceforth, you can’t pay with Apple at Walmart. How to deal with it? Use alternative payment methods:

  • out-of-pocket payments;
  • bank cards;
  • check system
  • wire transfer with PayPal.

Shoppers may apply a telephone at cashier’s desks and self-service terminals.

Shopping: useful smartphone

Some people don’t abandon Apple app because they’ve become accustomed to this one. So, they can continue to apply it on smartphones when they make purchases. Basic actions look like this.

  1. To get started, go to the Apple Store under personal ID and download the Walmart Pay.
  2. Open the application, register. It’s allowed to enter fictitious names if people don't wish to prove their identity.
  3. Then a customer needs to connect the bank card to their app’s register form. A client should select “Payment Methods” and select “plus” icon. You may add several cards, including store loyalty pieces of plastic.
  4. After that, you can go to shopping. In any Walmart hypermarket, you need to visit the self-service counter, bring each product to the reader, then press the big green “Pay” button.
  5. Next, choose the option “Walmart Pay” (visually, it looks like a QR code).
  6. Then, open the app — it determines which store you are at. You can pay with encrypted-data code or with the help of payment app: a system requests a pin or identifies the face of the smartphone holder.
  7. If you hover a viewfinder on a QR code, you will see card details, a receipt, and a thanks for the bargain with bringing an expended sum to the display. The whole process takes a few moments. A barcode is displayed on the phone: customers need to present it to a manager at supermarket exit.

This application is convenient because customers can print out all receipts, if necessary, which are saved in a private office. They display all products with images and prices.

The reason customers can’t pay at Walmart’s hypermarkets with the payment app

The main reason for Walmart's refusal to use Apple Pay is cooperation with Merchant Customer Exchange, which is owned by the JPMorgan Chase. In addition to the fact that the Current C payment platform allows buyers to activate loyalty programs, bonuses and other benefits, it’s focused on improving the payment system using quick response codes.

Apple Pay also chose this path. Therefore, in this competitive struggle, Walmart abandoned the use of services not only from its major competitor but also from other companies (Samsung/Google), just to support MCX.

Another disadvantage of Apple Pay for the hypermarket chain is the privacy police (cookies, for instance). Such information is important for the company, as it gives Walmart the opportunity to offer products based on personal requests and send the latest information about updates and promotions.

How will buyers make payments for shopping further?

People get upset when asked “Does Walmart take Apple Pay?”, and hear an objection. Therefore, they can't wait to find out soon when they can apply for their favorite service again. Unfortunately, never. This is mentioned by the managers. There is no idea to pursue this strategy, since the company has native application for buying products, which copes well with its functions.

Does Walmart take Apple Pay? No. Then what alternative stores can I visit?

To continue applying a favorite service, customers may make purchases at hypermarkets of other retail chains:

  • 7-Eleven;
  • CVS;
  • Whole Foods;
  • IKEA;
  • Target;
  • Publix;
  • Costco;
  • ACME Markets.

For online shopping, the app is available in stores such as:

  • Uber;
  • Sephora;
  • Starbucks;
  • Dunkin’ Donuts;
  • Fandango;
  • Etsy;
  • Disney.

The presented supermarket’s chart is incomplete, yet buyers have quite a wide choice, and there’s no need to rush to abandon Apple Pay.

At Walmart, among major alternative ways of making shopping, a buyer can find:

  • Chase Pay (electronic wallet);
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (for food bonuses);
  • loyalty cards.

An alternative to the usual service

There's a little trick to using Apple Pay at Walmart. To bypass the system, people need to install a special ibotta application. How to do it? Simply.

  1. Download the application from the official website or other recourse.
  2. In the next step, register entering an e-mail in your profile.
  3. Next, when making a payment for goods, you should choose an extension from Apple (in-store and online shopping).
  4. During shopping, you can activate an ibotta viewfinder, which determines whether cashback is valid for the product, how much money the buyer can return for a bargain. To do this, turn to the searchbox and click a barcode icon on the right.
  5. Payments are made instantly upon presentation of the QR to a supermarket’s staff.

Access to Ibotta is universal: customers can apply for an application on a PC and telephone. This service has many advantages. The major advantage is cashback, through which people can buy goods absolutely free of charge or with a significant discount. Among other advantages:

  • the ability to combine discounts, coupons and other privileges;
  • an opportunity to find out the cashback amount of each product in advance;
  • bonuses (several dollars are given to a purchase);
  • access to all new promotions;
  • a possibility of tracking current earnings in the account.

The entire purchase history is saved in the account, which is convenient when planning a budget. There are situations when earnings are displayed incorrectly. But the problem is solved by selecting the «Report issue» option and contacting the support system. To cash out bonuses, you can also add an account of any payment service, but it must have at least $20. Customers can apply ibotta in more than 300 trading companies.

Loaning with iBotta

The application works on the base of “buy now, pay later” system. This financial instrument works well with e-commerce shopping and makes it possible to make payments by installment paying and other ways of loaning. A credit

can be obtained for a period of:

  • 3-6 months;
  • 1 year.

An Affirm credit loyalty program, unfortunately, applies only to specific products, so interest on some items can reach 30%-interest.

Shopping advantages with IPhone

There are still advantages to using Apple Pay, thanks to which an application has a wide audience of users.

  1. A PIN’s absence protects transactions and a cash account from crackers as much as possible, since they don’t have information that may be stolen and applied in illegal actions. An absence of technique inside a smartphone to read a cards’ magnetic layer also prevents data thefts.
  2. Alternative touch/face identification options prevent identity frauds. And if you need a good look-alike person or even a twin to simulate a face, then a fingerprint is unique for everybody.
  3. Security system for data storage. All purchase receipts are kept in the client’s account: only a buyer has access to them. All information is secured by above-indicated methods and a pin code.

Additional advantages

Clients may connect an A. Card with a personal register form. It’s free and provides the prime year discount for purchases. To make shopping with cashback, a client receives an extra reward (every day).

The bottom line is that Apple Pay and Card bonuses are added together, and cashback becomes even more.

Combine client rebates

Customers can combine their privileges in one payment, using several applications at once. With the help of Ibotta, people can return 4 percentages, and Apple gives 3-percentages off daily for all goods. It’s well to sum up this with the chain supermarkets’ shares.

Then buyers take back 7 percentages from the total sum. Therefore, you should not stop at one way of saving: pay attention to other payment options. It may be possible to save a good deal of money.

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