ALDI: store opening hours on weekdays and holidays

ALDI is a chain of German stores located in 20 countries. The company was founded thanks to two brothers from the Albrecht family. Over time, the brand split into two branches: Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord. In Germany, both businesses operate at the same time and have several divisions in the regions of the country.

The US is another country where two ALDI groups can be found simultaneously: Trader Joe's (or Aldi Nord) and Aldi (or Aldi Süd). Although the store doesn’t work around the clock, prices here are much lower, which allows you to actively use such advantages during grocery purchases as promotions and special offers. That's why it's necessary to know ALDI's opening hours.

ALDI chain: work schedule for 2022

The main part of the Aldi group stores in the US is opened daily. Standard opening hours are 8:30 am – 9 am. The store is usually closed between 7 pm – 9 pm. But sometimes local shops can work on an individual schedule. There are also 4 holidays when it is impossible to get into ALDI, as well as dates with a special opening hour (read about them below).

Standard Aldi hours for shopping

The generally accepted Aldi work schedule is as follows:

  • Opening 8:30 – 9:00 am;
  • Closing 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Thus, there is no one exact time to make purchases. That may be related to two reasons:

  1. Regional features;
  2. Restrictions related to the pandemic.

It is known that Aldi stores are located near the US West Coast close at 9:00 pm. When customers are in one of the eastern states, they need to hurry up a bit: purchases can be made only before 8:00 pm.

How do I find out the exact work schedule of stores?

To find out the working hours of a local store, you need to go to the ALDI Store Locator service web page. On the website, there is a schedule and other useful information about a particular outlet, such as store features (parking lot, delivery capability). Detailed explanations are published on the page, for example, on Tuesdays/Thursdays stores have senior hours. Outlets reserve the first hour of operation for groups of customers such as vulnerable shoppers (with an increased risk of infection) so that they can make safer purchases.

Such information helps in saving extra time when planning your affairs. On the website, there are maps, payment options, phone number to contact the staff. 

All info on the ALDI page is updated regularly. Customers can see the most accurate attention about a supermarket’s working hours by visiting the outlet and getting acquainted with the schedule indicated on the table at an entrance.


Sometimes the management may change the closing hours on Sundays from 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. This may be connected to the pandemic. So this schedule may also works on another weekdays. Therefore, when making purchases, it’s important to monitor an information update on the official website of the hypermarket chain.

Feasts and Events

ALDI group strictly adheres to the working policy during the celebrations. There are 4 holidays when shopping needs to be done in advance because the stores are closed:

  • Thanksgiving /Christmas/New Year’s Days;
  • Easter Sunday (according to the website, you can make purchases on this date in Californian and Arizonian Walmart).

These working hours are set so that employees can spend every holiday surrounded by family.

There are also holidays on which ALDI hypermarkets operate with a special schedule:

  • Christmas;
  • New Year (evening);
  • Memorial/Labor/Independence Days.

ALDI Store Locator allows customers to conveniently plan purchases, reminding them of upcoming events. The service publishes special Aldi hours of opening/closing prior to the significant dates. Therefore, on the official website, if necessary, you can find out the latest information.

Why don’t ALDI hypermarkets work round-the-clock?

Of course, for many buyers today, speed is critical, every minute of time is appreciated. For busy customers, round-the-clock supermarkets are becoming a real salvation. The ALDI chain is winning in pricing policy, but it is in no hurry to expand its work schedule. Why? There are several reasons.

  1. Saving on electricity bills. Less light is needed for the functioning of trading halls. Only the most essential equipment remains on at night. This is also in line with the Green Economy policy.
  2. Saving on salaries. No need to overpay for night shifts. ALDI also provides a limited number of locations at each outlet. Because of this, the shift to self-service is gradually taking place (for example, customers return carts by themselves). There is a growing number of cross-training employees who fulfill extended work obligations and don’t work only within their authority.
  3. Security. Night employees often encounter destructive behavior of customers at nighttime. Therefore, the management considers the established schedule more acceptable.


In terms of working hours, ALDI chain of hypermarkets in the US is conservative and adheres to the following schedule:

  • 8:30-9:00 am (Opening);
  • 8:00-9:00 pm (Closing).

The shops are open from Monday to Sunday, except for certain public holidays. On some days, the staff work on special working hours. With the official ALDI website, it’s convenient for customers to plan their time. All the necessary information with regular updates makes shopping more comfortable and faster.

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