Walmart: can I find fire TV sticks in the store?

Streaming set-top boxes give the user access to a wide range of multimedia smart TV functionality: applications, video services, games, music, as well as synchronization with other equipment (a smartphone/tablet). Consoles such as Amazon Fire Sticks are removable, so they can be connected to different technology anywhere.

Another advantage is their cost-effectiveness: investments in a miniature modem, a remote control are worth not paying monthly for subscriptions to television broadcasting. Moreover, chargeable and gratis media becomes available. Before purchasing a Fire Stick, study carefully all possibilities, assortment of various hypermarkets.

Does Walmart sell Fire Sticks? 2022-purchases

Since 2017, the Walmart store chain no longer sells devices related to Fire-based data broadcasting from the Amazon brand. Apparently, it may be connected to the “economic battle” among giant corporations, but the real reason is still little known. However, you can find multimedia sticks from other manufacturers at Walmart:

  • Roku;
  • Apple TV;
  • Chromecast.

Buyers should know in advance before buying an alternative its advantages, pricing policy.

Cost of Roku at Walmart

The store have Roku equipment at reasonable pricing. Rates depend on set-top box power, year of manufacture and viewed content. Average cost for Roku sticks may vary:

  • Roku Ultra ($61);
  • Roku Streaming Stick ($50);
  • Roku Ultra 2020 ($100).

When customers have no desire to spend large sums on an unknown brand and just wish to try the new console’s functionality, you can purchase Roku Express for about $30. This stick works on basic multimedia data transmission. It’s the most budget option from the Roku line.

May I buy Apple TVs at Walmart?

Yes! Walmart has a wide range of Apple TVs.

  • Apple TV 3d Gen ($95) — the most budget option;
  • Apple TV 4th Gen ($145);
  • Apple TV UHD ($170).

What about Chromecast?

Customers can find several options for consoles from Chrome. Among them:

  • Full Google Smart TV Chromecast + Home Mini ($64) — Special Price for Walmart customers;
  • The Chromecast + Google TV ($50);
  • The 3d Gen ($30).

If you are wondering and don’t know where the purchase is most profitable, go to the official websites of companies and compare prices of various products from numerous brands.


When people ask, “Does Walmart sell Fire Sticks?”, then hear a negative answer, buyers are thinking about alternative services. The company decided in 2010 to perform their clients a new platform —Vudu. The decision is related to the desire to replace a habitual DVD format, which at that time began to be gradually replaced by other technologies. As a first step, they planned to digitize movies on familiar media.

In 2019, the company resolved to switch to the production of its own media platform. 2020 was a year of Vudu service sale. The new copyright holder is the US telecom company Fandango, which is engaged in the online sale of movie tickets and supplies digital content.

The motive for selling Vudu media service

The main reason why Walmart sold Vudu is unknown. But there are assumptions according to which the brand has decided to leave the developed online broadcasting market and promote a new strategy for its development.

Having seen the real situation in the media business, Walmart apparently decided to focus on improving the delivery service of goods and options for pickup of parcels.

Compatibility of Vudu with Roku technologies

People may apply the Vudu service on all Roku sticks. The main advantage is a permanent gratis subscription (conditionally). At the same time, a wide selection of films is accessible to users: from 50s-masterpieces to fiction.

Vudu service is free, but every movie needs to be paid. Another undoubted advantage that distinguishes this platform from its competitors is the early display of new products: the movie releases almost coincide with the dates of the film screening in the cinema. This rate of media production may be associated to the growing popularity of digital TV and its development.

Why can't you buy Fire Sticks at Walmart anymore?

Not only Fire Sticks, but also Fire TV disappeared from sale in Walmart retail stores and online. There have been no official statements from the management concerning this situation. However, knowledgeable people assume that the problem lies on the surface — market vying. This may also be related to the growth of e-commerce transactions. Amazon still holds a leading position in this area, so the actions of the competitive company can be explained.

Experts believe that sales of electronic readers (Kindle) and Amazon gift cards could stop be offered for that. At one time, information leaked to the media. It stated Walmart was preparing its replacement for the Amazon Prime multimedia service.


Customers who have decided to purchase Fire Sticks through Walmart will have to be upset: the store no longer sells products of this brand. However, the multimedia market is growing, and products from other manufacturers can be purchased at retail outlets/online. The main thing is that alternative platforms are no less functional and are available for any budget.

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