How do I make additional key copies at Walmart?

People often need duplicate keys to their private office or home. The need arises when people are going to share access to certain locations between family members, or ask friends to look after a pet during the absence or vacation. There are many reasons for making duplicate. Traditionally, clients contact a master or locksmith who produces the key instantly or within a certain period. But recently, special vending machines have been achieved popularity.

In many stores of the Walmart retail chain, there are MinuteKey vending machines that can create copies of keys for the locks, which close the most secret doors.

Do Walmart Supercenters make keys?

Yes, in some stores of the Walmart retail chain, you can make additional copies of keys using vending machines. To buy at Walmart a key copy, the buyer should first go to the official MinuteKey website and click on the green button «Find a kiosk». Then, in the empty search field, people enter the buyer's exact address: state or zip code. After that, the system displays a list of outlets where you can get the service. If there is no Walmart nearby, a client can visit other retail companies, for example, Home Depot or Lowe's. The buyer also receives information about the opening hours and the possibility to make a key for the car.

What types of keys can I apply?

MinuteKey devices create home and office products.

Among the common lock firms are Shlage, Masterlock, Kwikset, Titan.

The MinuteKey's Privacy and Security Policy doesn’t allow the production of keys belonging to third parties. They belong to the «Do Not Copy» category and may relate to buildings such as:

  • public educational institutions,
  • government agencies,
  • classified objects.

But it’s not that simple with car keys. If they look like standard keys, the service is possible. But copying is not available for keys with complex electronics and microchips.

How to get in Walmart a key copy via a MinuteKey machine?

The use of a locksmith's machine is very simple. The actions are these:

1) Select the key type:

  • car keys/ remotes;
  • home;
  • padlock;
  • office;
  • digital.

2) Insert the accessory into a special slot so that the system can identify the outlines of the product with a laser. Thanks to a special technology, they are obtained as close as possible to the original.

3) Choose a key design to distinguish it from others in the bundle. The money spent on accessories with the image of trees goes to charity.

4) Specify the number of keys.

5) Click the way of payment. The device accepts cash (be careful, as it is impossible to get loose change), as well as bank cards (AmEx/Visa/MasterCard).

6) After a client needs to wait one minute, and the key is ready! The kiosk has a window for monitoring the manufacturing process of the product.

Each buyer has the right to return money within 30 days in case of unsatisfactory quality of the finished keys. A client only needs to contact the customer support service by phone or leave a request on the MinuteKey website.

Duplicate keys via MinuteKey: Price list

Average prices for products vary between $4-$8 for each copy. If you buy a key at Walmart, the cost of the service will not exceed the price of a purchase. MinuteKey machines also offer a promotion according to which customers can get one gift brass key, in addition to the other two copies.

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