Are There Any Senior Discounts at Walmart?

Walmart is believed to be one of the most popular retails which provide their customers with a huge variety of products for every occasion for an accessible for everyone price. Considering this fact, Walmart is in great request of people over 50 because it allows them to shop easy and cheap. Thus, they are wondering, are there any discounts for older people?

At the moment, senior discounts at Walmart, as well as discounts and other types of special deals for AARP members are not available for elderly people. The markdowns are not offered only in U.S.A., but also in a whole retail chain in Canada.

Still, what can Walmart offer?

Nevertheless, Walmart do provide some privileges for the elderly. So, the senior shopping hour is established for shoppers of 60 or more years. On Tuesdays, from 6 am to 7 am, is the time when seniors can get their own special hour.

They can also have use of other convenient and simple things that will help them save their money in Walmart, such as, for example, rollbacks and clearance items.

Who DOES offer a Discount for The Elderly?

Although older people do not get senior discounts at Walmart, no need to be upset! The elders can take advantage of the benefits given at other huge cross-functional retail chains all across the country, from clothing and food stores to phone services.

For example, in Froger older customers get a privilege card, Safeway offers them an opportunity to have a savings card and Harris Teeter provides the customers with a 5% off on all production on Tuesdays.

What about people who are younger than 60 years old?

For those who are only 55, which is not specifically considered ‘old’, a lot of chain stores and some services in the USA make it available for elder people to get specials deals: thus, IHOP have created a special 55+ menu, Michael’s, which is very popular with people in their 50’s and 60’s, has a constant 10% off on a big amount of their products for this category and Fred Meyer, a big hypermarket chain, suggests their 55+ customers various special deals first Tuesday of a month. Kohl’s, a great clothing store, provides the 55+ customers with a 15% markdown on every Wednesday. More than that, Sprint and T-Mobile also put forward many cut-rice offers for this age range.

What can AARP members get?

If you are interested in AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) members’ privileges, you can also get them at such huge retailers as Walgreens, Goodwill and TJ Maxx.

What about the elderly’s privileges in Canada?

As for Canada, Michael’s, Farm Fresh, Home Hardware and even more chain stores and services enable their older customers get discounts.

For example, Kohl’s, a great and accessible clothing store, provides the 55+ customers with a 15% markdown on every Wednesday.

Getting Your Senior Discount In Stores

Applying for your senior discount card is very simple. All you have to do is request your discount card in any physical store, confirm your age and be qualified for the discount by your age-mates. After these easy procedures, feel free to take advantage of your new discount any time. 

By the way, who are ‘the elderly’?

The question stands, however, from which age does a person consider an ‘older person’? Actually, that is not an issue. Providing that Walmart do not have an official and established senior policy and specific senior discounts, by ‘the elderly people’ stores usually take into consideration people around the age of 50 and over. In different retails, the beginning of the ‘third age’ varies from 50 to 65 years old.

Generally speaking, even though Walmart hasn’t come up with the idea of establishing and creating a special and exclusive set of special deals for the elders yet, it still offers them an amazing opportunity such as a senior-dedicated shopping hour.

What is more, seniors may use their age privileges at a great number of other stores with a wide range of products.

What other opportunities can older people use?

There are plenty of tips that both the elderly and young people can use. For example, one
 great advice that people may find useful is to shop at Amazon, where goods are usually sold for a lower price in comparison with the in-stores. To add up, Amazon usually has a wider range of products than regular physical shops do. More than that, elder people (and everyone else, too) need to learn more about efficiently using coupons, price matching and rollbacks and clearance items, which have been mentioned earlier, as all these means may prove extremely valuable and help older people save a lot of money.

Summing up, senior citizens are offered a great deal of privileges from the big chain stores and other services, so Walmart not having ones should not be a problem! We hope this guide helped you learn something new and useful!

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