Walgreens. Filling empty printer cartridges. Everything you need to know about this

Many people use this opportunity instead of buying new cartridges or buying a new printer because it is, firstly, quite cheap and convenient, and secondly, because it has a positive effect on the environment since the materials from which the cartridges are made are not the most environmentally friendly impact.

Within the framework of this company, there are about 8 thousand specialized departments that provide customer service in this regard.

Therefore, many people have questions about the features of this service. You should keep reading if you want to know more about it.

Is this service up to date?

Yes, this store provides this service at the time of this writing. Finding where to refill ink cartridges is easy. In many departments of this company, there are special departments that deal with this. The range of possibilities here is quite large. Printers of almost any popular brands are serviced here without any problems (if you want to know the exact list of devices for which this service is possible, then just contact the company's support or ask the staff of this department directly).

As for the price, everything is pretty simple. If you want to fill the cartridge exclusively with black ink, then you will have to pay about $ 10 for this. If you need refilling with color ink, then here you will have to pay 2.5 times more than for black ink.

It is also worth noting the extremely short duration of work of the employees of this department. On average, all work is completed in an hour (there may be exceptions and you will be asked to wait an hour and a half, but this happens very rarely).

You can find out more about the points that were briefly described above below. Just follow down the page.

Instructions on how and where to refill ink cartridges

First, you need to be sure that the store you are going to provides this service. To make sure that the store closest to you has a special department that provides this service, you just need to find the number of this particular store, call there and the employees will tell you everything.

Further, after you have found a store that has this special department, you need to go there and go to a special place called the photo laboratory (do not forget, of course, to take the cartridge that you need to fill with you).

Already on the spot, you need to contact the store employee and he will provide you with all the information that you may need (the price of the service, what documents you need to fill out, and how long it will take).

After that, work on your order will begin. Here you just have to wait until you receive your cartridge.

Are there any restrictions on the types of cartridges for this procedure?

This service can only be provided if your cartridge works on an inkjet printer (in other cases, unfortunately, the service is not possible). As for the color, everything is very simple here, you can fill both the black cartridge and the one that contains various colors.

The list of cartridges that can carry out this service can be found either by calling the store or already in the store in a special center that provides this service.

Everything about the price of this service

The store provides a fairly democratic pricing policy. There are only two services: fill the cartridge with black ink and fill the cartridge with color ink. You will pay $10 for the first service and $25 for the second.

It is important to note that this is the price for everything (that is, for the ink itself and for the work of an employee of a special center). You do not need to pay anything extra and there is nothing to overpay for.

Time. How much time should be spent?

The standard refueling time is one hour. Time may vary from case to case, no one can predict if suddenly there will be errors in operation or problems with ink or something else.

You can spend this hour on other purchases or if you have urgent business, then you can leave and come and pick up a new ink cartridge at your convenience.

It is also worth noting that if circumstances predispose you to receive your cartridge earlier, then you will receive it earlier. It may be that the store employee will complete all the work in fifteen minutes. There are also reverse cases, here you have to wait longer.

Are there other places that provide this service?

If you cannot contact the specified store for various reasons (it is far from your home or there is no special center that provides these services), then you have a few more options where you can go.

You can try contacting Costco or other organizations where it will be possible to refill the cartridge.

If you do not want to go to other stores or do not want to give your cartridge to the store for refilling, then you have the opportunity according to which you can buy all the ink you need and do everything yourself.

You can learn more details about this store and what services it provides from other articles of this kind, just follow the links provided here and you will find all the information you need.


In this store, you can really get this service for a small cost and you spend quite a bit of your precious time on it.

$10 and $25 are all you need. No overpayments, no additional payments for any services.

All that is required of you is to find a store with this center, which is engaged in the provision of these services; come there with your cartridge; pay; wait and you're done.

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