Are Trader Joe's and Aldi somehow connected? Everything you would like to know about it

This trader is different from other stores. The masses have developed a favorable attitude towards this store. This is due to low prices, a good assortment of goods, and other things due to which this store has found its popularity among the masses (thank you in many ways to some Facebook groups that boosted the popularity of this store).

Many may be wondering what is the connection between this store and Aldi. Here you can find answers to all your questions about this. Do not be distracted, otherwise, you will miss a lot of interesting things.

What is currently known about this?

The fact is that this company really owns the trader, but there are some difficulties here because the ownership right belongs to the northern branch of the company. Everything is connected with the history of the company, which was formed by two brothers. Yes, this is quite difficult to understand and understand, so you should refer to the following points of the investigation for details, there are many interesting facts that may interest you and after that, you will change your vision on some issues in this area.

Are there two companies or not? What happened in history?

There are indeed several companies. To understand which of them, the so-called aldi trader joe's, and which is just another, you will need to plunge into the history of a German family, where two brothers became the founders of the company.

The brothers were successful in business after World War II. They focused on super low-priced products that everyone could afford. In the process of doing business, they were guided not only by the goal of profiting from the poor in Germany after the Second World War (a lot of people became poor there, most of the country was on the verge of poverty after the defeat in the war, and all these people needed cheap food), but also they also had their own ideology, they wanted to help the people of their country (of course, they wanted to have a small profit from this).

Everything went smoothly until the sixties of the last century. There was a quarrel between the brothers (they could not agree on the sale of tobacco and cigarettes in their stores. One brother was in favor of selling such products and the second brother was against it).

As a result, the two brothers could not face off and fate separated them and their company. One of them headed Aldi Nord, and the second in turn decided to start managing Aldi Sud.

This is how the story of how two brothers divided one company into two parts developed.

Which one of them is aldi trader joe's and how did that happen in history?

Everything is pretty simple here. In the process of expansion, companies were taking over the US market and they needed to get rid of competitors that could interfere with their business.

In the late seventies, the founder of Trader's company sold all his assets (and therefore his entire business and his entire company) to the North.

It all worked out so that one company became a subsidiary of another company (yes, this can be a bit difficult, but that's the way it is in business). Now the Trader operates independently of the North but is still part of its assets (own products, own rules, own policies, but one company belongs to another).

What is a Trader's company?

Now you will find out why this company attracted the North and what advantages it has, that it was able to interest such a large business.

The history of the formation of this company began in the late fifties of the last century when a talented young man named Coulomb decided to go into business. He bought several stores and converted them into a small chain of stores, where he emphasized that he sold quality goods for little money.

During his leadership, many business models and company policies changed. Many stores were bought that could be modified and attached to the main chain of stores.

The company acquired its well-established (and well-known) name only at the end of the sixties of the last century. Shortly thereafter, the company received an offer from the North for sale. This purchase was not surprising, because the policy of the Trader's company (in particular, the cultivation of products and sales, and so on) did their job and this competently affected the growth in the popularity of this place (more precisely, a group of places where you can buy products).

Today, this store has some popularity among the general public and this makes it even more attractive to ordinary people who just want to buy groceries for a small price.

Do these companies sell the same thing? (If one belongs to the other, then that's how it should be?)

There are some rumors that these companies buy products from the same suppliers and then sell them under the guise of different products (yet this circumstance has not been proven, so it may not be worth believing this), but these stores have some similar products and may to raise a suspicion that the assortment of goods still has intersections, but there are only a few of these goods (about two or three positions intersect, the rest is quite separate in both stores).

Yes, there are similarities in the assortment of goods in the shops, but this can be attributed to the fact that the shops have a similar policy and such intersections are quite justified in this case.

Where is the best place to buy groceries?

There are many opinions on this matter. The Internet is full of fights between fans of one company against fans of another, but that's normal. There are also many different opinions from influential journalists who write mainly about what concerns this area.

Let's start with what some people write about the mediocre quality of products in TJ, causing this to be due to the fact that the products have poor packaging, which can affect their quality.

There are also some negative reviews regarding Aldi, which also relate to the quality of some products.

In general, however, these stores are approximately equal in terms of the quality of goods that are constantly bought by their customers.

There are many points in both stores that are marked by customers as strictly positive. There are some categories of goods that are especially liked by customers of a particular chain of stores.

If you want to know more about these companies, you can follow the links and learn more about the franchise rules, the reasons for such low prices for goods, and much more about these stores.


The history of the creation and development of these companies is interesting, what measures they took for the prosperity of their business, the history of their interaction with each other is also interesting. The exact interaction of these companies at the end of the seventies led to a very curious transaction, which definitely influenced both the development of these companies and the entire food market in the United States.

People's opinions about these stores do not differ much. People are generally positive about both companies, pointing out their good products and interesting service policies.

It is quite difficult to choose something better among these two because they are equally good and satisfy the needs of customers.

So, one company belongs to another, at the same time they are a little isolated from each other, but they are of the same interest to consumers.


The Master of Business Administration, who has worked in management and business for most of his life, is well versed in consumer desires and building a consumer value system.

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