Disposable cameras at Walmart. Everything you need to know about it (price, terms, and much more)

This stuff that has disposable properties can be useful to people in a variety of situations. It could be some kind of trip or something else. This can come in handy when you want to take photos in the here and now, but you don't have a set time frame for film development.

You may be wondering if this store sells this stuff and if they offer this kind of services. If you're really interested, then just keep reading this study.

Is it possible to purchase these particular photo cameras at Walmart at present?

Yes, in this store it is possible to buy this stuff (they are not produced by the store itself, but by third-party companies that have a high rating among the manufacturers of these products). All the buyer has to do is leave this stuff at a specialty center in the film manifesting store (don't forget the envelope with the order form). As for the price for the work performed, it is about $8 for a dozen photos, which will be 4*6 inches. The turnaround time for the service is quite short, usually, it takes about seven days.

Many other details on this topic you can find out if you continue to read the article.

 How can a client make this staff real? Does Walmart develop film or not?

All that is required from a client who wants to perform this procedure is simply to come to the nearest store of this network, where there is a center that deals with these services (these centers are not present in all stores, it is recommended to check their availability before going there). Then you just need to fill out a special form for the provision of services.

When the client fills out the order, it will need to indicate the number and size of prints that need to be done.

Further, from the client it is necessary that he (she) places the film in a special box, on which it will be written "for film processing", the box is located in the photo center.

After that, your film will go to a place where it will be manifested and then your beautiful pictures will be sent back to the photo center, they will be printed for you, and they will also give you a special CD, where your photos will be.

Is the price of this stuff high or not?

Everything is quite complicated. The fact is that the cost of film manifest depends on the number of prints that are on this film. If you try to structure all this, it will look something like this (with approximate prices):

A single print with a dozen exposures will cost about $8. And a single print with thirty-six exposures will cost about $14. There are also options with twenty-four and twenty-seven exposures, their price will be, respectively, between 8 and 14 dollars.

If you take a double print, then with a dozen exposures it will cost about $10, while a double print with thirty-six exposures will cost about $19. Accordingly, there are also options here with twenty-four and twenty-seven exposures.

It is worth noting that all the prices that were indicated above refer to sizes 4*6 inches (unfortunately, this store does not provide options for working with other sizes).

It is also important that the CD that is issued to each client is included in the price. The client does not need to pay extra or overpay for anything.

What is the waiting time for receiving preferences from an order?

After we answered the question: does Walmart develop film or not. It's time to talk about waiting times. So, they are small, they are within the normal range. This usually takes about seven days.

Troubles can also happen, because this procedure is occupied by two companies independently of each other, and this may affect the duration of the order. For example, if one company cannot fulfill all orders on time, another company will not be able to do anything about it.

Is there a strictly established print size in this photo center?

Look, the standard size here is 4*6 inches, if you want to make the size larger, you will have to pay an additional fee, as this is not included in the original price list and is calculated as a separate service.

Is it possible to find out in advance whether this service can be carried out in the nearest store?

You can carry out this service in any store of this network where there is a photo center, but it is important to remember that there may not be a photo center there. In this case, you can use the search on the Internet or call the closest store to you and find out if they perform this service there. The store staff will be happy to answer all your questions and help you.

Is it possible to return the film after it has been manifested?

Unfortunately, the store does not provide this service. No one returns negatives to clients after they have been manifested.

This is due to the technical features of the store's work with companies that provide this kind of services.

Don't worry, you'll still get a CD that contains all the images from your tape that were recorded by you, and it's all in digital format.


This store provides all the necessary services on this topic. The store does everything with high quality and with a minimum lead time. On the Internet, a minimum number of people were dissatisfied with this service, but most remained delighted with this wonderful service.

Here, a democratic and fair price and many opportunities for this kind of services.

It is worth noting the importance of this service for people who need such services. This allows many people to take advantage of this and improve their pastime while spending a minimum amount of money.

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