All about the Amazon return policy. Everything you need to know about this (terms, prices, how it works, and much more)

This store is an excellent opportunity for millions of customers to make purchases simply and quickly, and at the same time, you should not worry about the quality of the work performed, the store works perfectly.

Questions for many customers arise at the stage when they issue a return (this can happen for various reasons: dissatisfaction with the product or the quality of the product, and so on). All procedures through which the client will need to go through are described in this article. If you have questions about this, then just keep reading, it might be helpful for you.

Does this store currently offer returns?

If you made an order in this store and something did not suit you, then you can easily return your money. It is important to note that this will only work if the store has not started the process of sending your purchase to you yet. The term for the return of your money is approximately four days to one month. It is also worth noting that you do not need to pay extra for anything, the store itself will cover all additional costs in this case.

You can find out all the important details and the process of canceling an order in this article if you continue reading.

How to return money for the purchase?

It is possible to perform this procedure in the web version of the site of this store. Everything is done very simply; you need to follow a simple path.

There are three stages: first, you go to the website, then you go to a special section where all your purchases are listed (in your profile, of course), then you need to find the purchase you want to cancel, you will have the option to cancel the order (next to the product icon, you will immediately see it), just click on this button and you're done. Your order has been canceled.

How to be sure that the actions performed led to the cancellation of the order?

Here you have several ways to make sure that you have done everything correctly and that the result will not be long in coming.

You will receive a message in the email that you have linked to your account of this store. If this does not happen, then you should go to the "canceled purchases" section, you will see it in your profile on the site. In this section, you will find all the orders that you have canceled for the entire time. The first order on the list will be the last order, if this is the same product whose delivery you canceled, then everything went well and you can be sure that you did everything right.

If the parcel has already been sent, is it possible to cancel everything? If you cancel an order on Amazon are you still charged or not?

As for the first question, then unfortunately everything is sad. The client will not be able to cancel the process if everything has already moved to the stage of delivering the goods to the client. There are, however, some points that make the situation better. The client can contact a special center, where they will be helped to return the goods (if the store deals with this alone).

If specifically, your product is the production of a separate seller who works within this store, then you will need to clarify his contacts (this can be done on the website) and then you will receive all the information you need (the return process, in this case, may differ from the usual return to store).

If you cancel an order on Amazon are you still charged?

No, the policy of this store provides you with wonderful conditions. You do not have to pay to return this product back to the store. Moreover, after the return, you will receive all the money that you spent on this purchase. This is the advantage of this store compared to the rest.

Is it possible to use a mobile application during this procedure?

Oh sure. The mobile application works great in general and provides extensive functionality for the user (this is not inferior to the web version of the site).

All you have to do is open your app, go to your account, then find the purchase section and follow all the steps you need. In general, this process is similar to what happens when you perform these steps from your web version of this site.

Also (similarly to the web version) you will receive an e-mail, where you will be notified that everything went well.

Automatic procedure. Is it here?

Yes, the store can perform this procedure automatically in cases where it is necessary, for example, if your order was lost or it was not possible to deliver it. The store may have technical problems with orders and this is normal. The main thing is that this rarely happens and, of course, all your money will be returned to you, and everything will be ok.

Accident. Is it reversible within these limits?

Unfortunately, if you accidentally clicked the cancel button on, then there is nothing you can do about it. The store has not provided procedures whereby the customer can reverse the process if the action was performed by accident (re-ordering the same product is your only way to get it. Just wait for the refund and place a new order in this case everything will be fine).

If you place an order with a third-party seller who works within this store, then you always have the opportunity to contact your seller yourself and explain the whole situation. This can help, here the further procedure will have an individual character and you will have to navigate and make decisions regarding further actions.

How is the money returned to customers?

Here everything may depend on how you paid for your order. The fact is that through some payment systems everything is processed much faster than through others, and you should keep this in mind when you complete this procedure (check the exact information on the website or in technical support). On average, the period will be from four days to one month, but you need to build on individual circumstances.

The deadline is due to the fact that the store makes sure that each money transfer process is successful and that there are no problems for the client. Your money will be returned to your means of payment in its original form.

Is all the money returned to customers or not?

This store guarantees a full refund to all customers without exception. The company guarantees that everyone will be refunded everything that they spent in the store, but refused.

Is it possible to see the status of the execution of the procedure?

In your personal account, there is an opportunity to see how your procedure has been processed. There is a special scale that is filled in depending on how far the implementation of this procedure has progressed. Finding out the status of your order is quite simple.

How to return a product?

If everything has already been processed and the delivery process has been started, then you can use the return of goods service. You have about a month to do this (do not hesitate if you did not like something in your order).

Log in to your account and select the item where you can return your order. There you can also choose the reason why you decided to do this (the store recommends specifying the reason, as this contributes to the development of their service and quality of service within this store).

The store provides several options for this procedure, all of which will be indicated on the site when you complete all this. You can choose one option from several (choose the one that suits you best), and then just follow the instructions and that's it.


In conclusion, we can say that the store really provides excellent service under this program. Everything is done quickly and easily. The most important thing is that the client does not have to pay for anything or pay extra and so on. It should also be noted that the duration of this procedure is short.

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