Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay?

One of the quickest and safest payment methods so far is Apple Pay. It is accessible to everyone who owns Apple products – their smartphones and smartwatch.  This chip-based paying service works via Apple mobile gadgets, and it makes it unnecessary to carry around cash or plastic cards. It is always within reach for your usage, and all your account info is kept safely on a device.

Is such convenience available to utilize at Starbucks – a popular coffee shop chain? How exactly can coffee lovers benefit from it?

We will be providing some answers below.

If you visit this coffee shop often, you may wonder: does Starbucks take Apple Pay?

The short answer is yes. This paying system is now widely acceptable almost everyplace around the United States, and Starbucks is no exception since it represents itself as a modern and trendy chain of coffeehouses. You are welcome to take advantage of Apple Pay in all the cafés and drive-throughs, as well as on their app. Also, consider employing a compatible Apple product such as an iPhone or an Apple Watch – it may be used handily and free of charge. All you will have to perform is simply tap it to the reader, just as you would do with you credit or debit card.

If something about this method of paying remains unclear for you, keep on reading – we will be providing every detail you may need.

I’ve never tried Apple Pay before. How do I start?

Are you lucky to own any of the Apple devices? Congratulations, because they are already equipped with a wallet so that one can utilize it without any extra software.

So, what remains to carry out is linking your cards to the mobile wallet. To achieve that, open the Wallet app, tap ‘plus’ in the right corner, scan your plastic and that’s about it! It is even possible to scan multiple cards. A pleasant bonus here is that you still get all your card’s rewards and benefits.

I want to utilize Apple’s payment system in a Starbucks store. What do I need to do?

It’s no trouble! Below is a guide on how to do it.

Before employing Apple Pay at the cash desk, it is necessary to install your mobile wallet in advance.

After you’re finished, open your Wallet App on the device you are going to use for payment. All your saved cards will show on the screen – just tap on the one you choose to use.

Then, you will be requested to confirm the buying by one of the Apple’s identification means – either Touch ID, Face ID or just your phone password.

When your total sum shows up on the machine, put your device – either the Watch or the top part of your iPhone - close to the reader. You can give it a slight tap, although it is not necessary – the machine is usually able to read a gadget from some distance.

If the reading is successfully, you hear a short beep.

And just like that, you have paid for your coffee!

What about purchases on the app?

The Starbucks app is a very convenient software to buy their drinks and other goods. The application is available to download in App Store, and it is completely free. It is also an easy way to earn stars via the coffee shop’s loyalty program. On the app, one can customize orders, locate the nearest shops… The list goes on.

One of the main perks of this application is a built-in payment system. Using the software, one can pay for their coffee orders with a Starbucks card, which can be quickly reloaded with Apple Pay. So, this wallet service works perfectly together with the Starbucks application, too.

What if I order ahead for a pickup?

At a drive-through, Apple Pay works just the same way as at the counter! Hold your device next to the reader for a second, and you’re done. In some cases, the sales assistant may have to extend their hand with the card reader to reach out to you. However, that usually does not bring customers any inconvenience. In fact it is super handy, because you don’t even need to have a wallet with cash or plastics on you to pick up a drink!

Other options of payment

Obviously, Apple Pay is not the only way to shop for drinks at this coffee shop chain. Among other options are cash, plastic cards, PayPal, Google Pay and some other means. Every customer can choose what is more convenient for them. Although, in times of the global pandemic, contactless ways are more recommended.


To recapitulate, there are no obstacles for you to make the best of the Apple’s paying service at your favorite coffee shop. Many customers find it super convenient and safe. Moreover, installing and using it is a piece of cake!

So, why don’t you try it the next time you visit Starbucks?

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