IKEA work schedule during the restocking

In IKEA stores, people can not only pick up high-quality furniture with an interesting design at favorable prices, but also visit branded food restaurants with Swedish cuisine. The company is constantly replenishing its assortment, and employees are doing everything possible to ensure that stocks are renewed in good time. And it is desirable for buyers to know the best moments to make it to purchase the long-awaited goods.

IKEA: the frequency of updating the product grid

Accessories, kitchen utensils, office supplies and household items are traditionally updated once within 2 days. But larger objects such as kitchen furniture and cabinets are shipped every 1-2 weeks. But it all depends on the specific point of sale and several factors:

  • the popularity of an item among customers;
  • seasonal features (e.g., Christmas collections);
  • logistical issues, for example, transit time when goods are shipped from the major warehouse.

To visit IKEA and not to be upset because of the lack of the desired product, you need to go in advance to the company’s official website. Then, check the availability of goods in the nearest store of the retail chain. You need to select the “Stock check and availability” section and monitor the information.

Shipping schedule for furnishing your home

Since it takes more time and free space in the sales halls to ship furniture, goods from this category are not brought as often as other items. The standard furniture re-stock time is once every couple of weeks on the weekends. Shipment of batches usually takes several days. Smaller items are shipped a little faster. Among the products, in order to update the interior, buyers can find in IKEA:

  • desks;
  • sofas;
  • beds;
  • armchairs;
  • closets, etc.

When does IKEA restock potted flowers?

In the stores of the Swedish retail chain, you can buy not only furniture or decorative items but also things for greening the home area:

  • artificial leaves;
  • dried petals;
  • evergreen plants;
  • cacti;
  • citrus trees.

Plants in IKEA have special storage conditions, so their delivery is strongly regulated. If the flowers stay in the store longer than the prescribed period, they may wither. Therefore, greenery is not brought so frequently. The standard restock schedule is every week on Sunday. And on Monday, the plants are unloaded and laid out on the trading floor.

Most plants depend on their own vegetation cycles. So, some plants can be found in IKEA only during the blooming period. And of course, such factors depend on suppliers, who also hinge on natural factors and the flower harvest.

Therefore, to buy the plant accurately, it’s better to acquire it on the day of shipment, because the next delivery can be waited for a very long time.

How to keep track of the expected product?

To stay up to date with the latest updates regarding information on specific products, you need to visit the online store of the retail chain, go to the product catalog. To the right on the web page of each product, there is a button for selecting a geographical location. After that, click «In stock at (selected city)», which will show the availability of the selected item at the nearest point of sale. After this setting, information about the presence or absence of goods in the store's warehouse will be marked with a color circle under each product. The yellow circle shows the low amount of the product and warns customers that the item will end soon.

The reverse operation is also available. If it doesn’t matter for clients where to make a purchase, they need to click the product search button «check in-store stock», and a list of all stores where they can purchase the selected item will be displayed.

Also, you can get information about products via the special mobile application.

Buyers can set up receiving SMS messages or e-mail newsletters to receive the latest data about restock.

Reliability of information about the goods’ availability

Information on the new IKEA products is updated regularly. And if a customer visits the page of an online store and sees that an item is in stock, most likely it is also available in a physical store. The information about the product is valid for both online and offline shopping. To be sure of the content, it’s better to know in advance when does IKEA restock in a particular store.

Why can't people wait for new products to appear

Since the beginning of the pandemic time, more and more complaints have been received related to the inability to purchase necessary goods. This is largely because of logistical problems. Also, due to the remote nature of work, many people urgently needed comfortable furniture and other accessories to create a comfortable working area in their house, which could also cause a shortage in warehouses. And it takes time for a company to adjust to new working conditions. A serious issue was the lack of necessary components and wood materials for manufacturing the profile IKEA product category — furniture. All these reasons affect the number of products in stock.

New goods in the discount department

People who ask, when does IKEA restock, should pay attention to the as-is trading floor. This department is suitable for those people who want to save money and buy goods at a good discount. This is especially true for furniture and plumbing equipment. In most cases, they are of good quality, but have minor defects or incomplete configuration. They are safe and usable but may require minor repairs or alterations.

IKEA Circular hub marketplace was created initially under the green economy program, which involves rational consumption, avoiding of over-consumption and giving a “second life” to goods. Buyers can find in this section such products as:

  • used items;
  • items from old collections that are no longer available in warehouses or stores;
  • discontinued products.

Most IKEA stores offer an additional discount of up to 10 percent, even on discounted products. In each outlet, such days are determined individually. Therefore, for details, you need to contact the staff of the local store of the retail chain. In fact, the restocking of discounted goods occurs daily.

But most buyers confirm that the days of the working week, except Mondays, Fridays and weekends, are the best suited for shopping at the circular hub marketplace. To keep up to date with the latest updates in stores, visit the as-is section of products on the official IKEA page by selecting the address and product category in the search fields.

Also, people who know the work processes from the inside recommend visiting the discounted goods hall on Mondays, since refunds of purchases are carried out most often the day before.

The most profitable moment for shopping

If buyers want to choose the quietest time for shopping, they should go to IKEA in the morning. When there are fewer people in the sales halls, and it will be much more convenient and faster to exchange defective goods at this time of day. The best days of the week are:

  • Tuesday;
  • Wednesday;
  • Thursday.

That is, the middle of the working week. On Monday, buyers have time to buy the newest products from fresh collections. And busy visitors used to devote Friday evenings to shopping to be free at the weekends.

However, if it’s important for customers not to miss a new product, it’s better not to wait for the end of the week and go shopping in the first three working days (from morning to 13:00-14:00).

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