Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack Shoe Return Policy: Worn Shoes? etc

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Nordstrom stores do not set a return date for shoes, but if you have problems with your shoes, you must return them within 45 days of purchase. You can even go to another company store for a refund for the shoes. In the case of returning an item, you will need to have a receipt or receipt of payment for the item with you (a box is usually not required). For more information on shoe returns at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, please read below.

How does Nordstrom's shoe return policy work?
The Nordstrom chain of stores allows the customer to return any shoes (except for shoes marked “final sale” or “non-returnable”. In this case, the return of shoes is not possible). The buyer has the opportunity to return the goods both using the nearest Nordstrom store and via the Internet by mail.
The customer does not have to show the receipt of payment for the item (although the return in the store may take less time if the customer shows the receipt). Returns of shoes, including returns or shipping, will not be paid.
This information has been confirmed by Nordstrom's customer service representatives, as well as representatives from stores in some of the States of the country.

What are the Return Requirements at Nordstrom?
The Nordstrom store customer has no time limit for the return of shoes (also, the store does not set the number of pairs of shoes that the customer can return). Returns are processed on a case-by-case basis.
The decision to process the return of shoes is made by the store employees. We conducted research and found out that usually the client does not approve of the return of designer shoes, but the store employees carefully investigate the situation and try to find the most favorable solution for the client and the store.

Returning shoes to a Nordstrom store
The customer can return the shoes to any Nordstrom store. It will be much better if the client has a receipt of payment with him, but even if he (she) does not have a receipt, the store employees will be able to find out for themselves where and when the purchase was made (they will do this using the item number and description of the shoe).

The client does not have to bring the original shoe box with him. Any Nordstrom reseller in any department of the store can handle the refund for you.
The first way to return an item. In the shop

In the event of a return at a store, Nordstrom will immediately refund the entire purchase price. If the store employee cannot find the sales record, the company will refund the price through the gift card (if the customer provides a valid ID)
If the shoe is a gift, the store will reimburse its cost through the gift card.
The second way is to return an item. By mail

The customer can issue a return by mail through the official website of the Nordstrom store, where you need to log into an account on the official Nordstrom website and complete the necessary steps to process the return. If the customer does not have an online account, he (she) can fill out the form and initiate a return, here you need to enter all the necessary information about the product, and then the store will mail you a prepaid shipping label and a packing list for sending the return.

Mail-In Refund
Refunds when returning shoes by mail are carried out within two weeks. There are several peculiarities with refunds:

  • If the client paid for the shoes with a gift card or Nordstrom notes, in this case, the company will return the funds to you for an electronic gift card.
  • If the customer used both a credit card and a gift card (or Nordstrom Notes) when paying, the company will refund the money to the electronic gift card.

There is no need to pay for return shipping, the store will not refund the original shipping costs. If the client requests an exchange, the store will withdraw a new amount from his (her) account, and then credit it for the refund amount.

How does Nordstrom's Rack shoe return policy work?
Nordstrom Rack will refund your money in full if more than 45 days have passed since the date of purchase or delivery. After the expiration of this period, the store returns 50% of the cost of the shoes (if the store accepts the return). All shoes in the store are subject to return (except for shoes marked “final sale” or “non-returnable”. In this case, the return of shoes is not possible).
This information has been confirmed by Nordstrom Rack customer service representatives, as well as representatives from stores in some of the States of the country.

Return Requirements at Nordstrom Rack Store
The store cannot accept used or damaged shoes from the customer, and all tags and stickers must be on the shoes. In order to return the shoes, it will be necessary to provide proof of purchase (for example, a receipt, order number, Nordy Club membership number, or credit card) in which case the seller can find the necessary information about the purchase.
A shoebox is not required when returning an item.

Return Shoes to a Nordstrom Rack Store
There are two ways for the customer to return the shoes: through the store or by mail. This requires the original receipt (or any other proof of purchase). No additional costs are required.

The first way to return an item. In the shop
In the case of returning to the store, the client receives a refund in the same way as when paying (the same rules if a gift card was used).
If the client received shoes as a gift, he can exchange them for a gift card (which can be exchanged online or at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and HauteLook stores).

The second way is to return an item. By mail
The client can return shoes purchased in a store or on the official website of the company by mail. Here you will need to go to your online account or view the record of the purchase on the Internet. The company usually provides customers with a notice shipping label, but unfortunately, return shipping will cost $ 5.95 (anywhere in the US). It will deduct this fee from your refund.

Mail-In Refund
After 3-5 business days after the company receives the goods returned by the customer, the customer will receive their money. It usually takes 7 to 10 business days to reach the return center (according to company representatives).
In case the client purchased shoes using a gift card, the money will be returned in the form of a gift card.
Is it possible to return Nordstrom shoes to the Nordstrom rack? Vice versa?

According to the official policy of the company, this type of return is not possible. But if the client contacts the support service, they can help him make a similar return (here everything is at the discretion of a particular store). The waiting time for a return in such cases may be at least one month.

While it is not normal for a customer to return shoes purchased from Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack at another store, both stores may allow the customer to return shoes at the store and by mail if the customer has proof of purchase. At Nordstrom, there is no limit on the return period for a purchase, while at Nordstrom Rack this period is 45 days from the date of purchase.

Used shoes can be returned to Nordstrom. Nordstrom Rack requires the shoe to be new, with all tags included. You can find out more about Nordstrom Gift Cards and where to find them by following the link.

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