Rent-A-Center Return Policy Detailed: Lease Termination Fees, Rules, etc.

Short Answer
At Rent-A-Center you can return the items you are renting, and during the entire rental period, you can suspend payments (if you decide to do this, you will not receive a refund, but you are given the opportunity to renew the lease within two years after the suspension his actions). You can find more information about the return policy and the restoration process at Rent-A-Center below.

Rent-A-Center Return Policy
A company service manager said: “At Rent-A-Center, the customer can schedule the return of the item at any time during the rental period, also customer can stop his rent payments. The company will keep records of the amounts already paid for the goods, there is no fee for early termination of the contract during the lease period.

The client will not receive a refund for the item returned by you, but if the contract is suspended and not more than 2 years have passed, he can restore the contract for the same item (or its equivalent, if the original item is not available for rent). With a voucher that protects payments, you can resume payments where you stopped.

We contacted many Rent-A-Center offices in some states (such as Florida, Texas, Nevada, etc.) and we learned from them that they adhere to the recovery and return policy. If the client has problems with paying the payment, returning the item will be the best solution in this situation, a return is better than non-payment. If you would like to better understand Rent-A-Center's non-payment policy, we advise you to read our previous research.

Rental Reinstatement Options
If the client decides to renew the contract after the specified period, he (she) should contact by phone or visit Rent-A-Center. The customer is given the option to redeem a payment protection voucher like this: the client can restore the original lease. 
In this case, the client receives back the previously rented (or similar, if the original item is not available for rent) item. The entire voucher or loan amount will be counted towards the new agreement. 

The client can choose another, previously rented item 
According to the customer's voucher, the rental period will be reduced to 3 months (depends on the amount of the voucher).

The client can choose a new item
If the client decides to choose a completely new product, the company deducts about 20% of the client's voucher amount from the cost of the new rental item.

The customer can give the voucher to a relative or friend
The person chosen by the client can take over the payment for the rented item, and this person can also use the voucher (to receive a discount of up to 3 months on the rented item, or the client can choose to receive about 20% of the voucher amount towards the cost of the new item). For this, the client sends a request to your local store or online.

More Information    
If the Rent-A-Center customer reports that the rented item has been damaged, then the subject may be subject to company policy. Also, if the rental item is stolen, the customer can get a replacement. If you would like to know more information about other rent-to-own-buy options. Check out our comparison between Aaron’s and Rent-A-Center.

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