What is Amazon return pallets?

Many stores have a surplus of goods when selling online through Amazon. And in order not to form and maintain warehouses with returned sales and unsold items, sellers get up to a trick: they continue to merchandise such things, but on more favorable terms — both for the seller and the client. 

What are the benefits of Amazon return pallets? 

Businessmen often use liquidation companies are the solution for purchasing Amazon returns. The main task of the option is to help the seller on Amazon to sell off the surplus goods. This principle is based on a business-to-business algorithm. 

The main advantage for the customer is the better prices of a larger quantity of goods delivered in containers. 

Return pallets comprise various categories of goods like clothing, cosmetics, computers. All this can also be purchased at wholesale prices. 

This is a good option for starting a business to search which categories are most popular with buyers. 

In addition, return pallets have recently become increasingly strong as objects of entrepreneurship, and this paradigm also takes into account major players in the market. Therefore, projects that cooperate with liquidation companies have a chance of success. 

The track of returned purchases 

When Amazon returns the purchases, the products can be sent either to retail stores or back to the company's warehouses. 

Everything happens as follows. 

After periods of discounts or in case of refusal with a large number of refunded products, sellers collect all the surplus in pallets or boxes and then deliver it to liquidation companies. 

After that, the websites of such companies are replenished with new articles, and customers can already choose the samples they like, using the search categories: 

  • «From sellers»; 
  • «Trading platforms». 

Depending on the selected option, the product can be purchased either through third parties or directly from a seller. 

How to find web platforms with amazon pallets for sale? 

To find the best liquidation company with products from Amazon, you can use specialized sites. 

On them, you can use both direct purchase and through an intermediary company. 

For the best option client may use such a website as Webretailer. 

The largest representatives of this business are the following companies. 

888 Lots

Here buyers can find up to 100 thousand products from more than 30 categories. Among them there are completely new objects, and not only from the Amazon stores. 

Prices: Costs are usually fixed, but sellers can make concessions and personal discounts. 

There is no lower price limit for one order. But the rule applies only when buying a whole container with products (or buying up all stocks of an article). 

Documents: To buy Amazon pallets for sale, you must have:

  • a resale certificate (for US residents);
  • business registration (for customers from other countries). 

Pallet sizes: Any size, including small and huge containers. 

The client when visiting the 888 websites can see: 

  • high-quality product images; 
  • full description of the item; 
  • product ranking list; 
  • reviews; 
  • expected revenue for each of the products. 

Delivery: Paid, almost $13 for one pallet of goods. 

You can choose an individual delivery option. In general cases, the final cost depends on the weight and size of the pallet. 

Blue Lotus 

The service is only available in the USA. The profit of this liquidation company is growing due to retail sales, as they accept direct payments at retail outlets. 

The catalog of available products is available without registration, but you will have to make an account to get more information. 

The range consists of various brands, including Amazon. 

Documents: It is necessary to sign a contract for the right to sell pallets. 

Delivery: The average cost reaches $400 per container (calculated based on the size of the pallet and its weight). Available transport companies are: 

  • FedEx, 
  • USPS, 
  • UPS. 


For retail buyers, Box Fox conducts auctions in real-time. A feature of the liquidation company was the assortment: the catalog contains only the surplus of Amazon stores with tags, overstock, there are no returned goods. 

To make purchases, you need to register for free or download the BoxFox app. 

Prices: Since these are usually auctions, conditional prices are set, which can rise or fall. The higher value of the offer is accepted automatically. 

The buyer can find on the BoxFox website: 

  1. product images, 
  2. availability in stores, 
  3. rating. 

Delivery: In addition to paid delivery, customers will have to pay a 7% commission. The initial cost of delivery is unknown since the goods are transported directly from Amazon and other resellers. But on the website, you can calculate the transportation costs yourself. 


BULQ cooperates with retailers without intermediaries. 

But there is one disadvantage — the possibility of exchange and return of goods is absent. 

Prices: Each seller sets their prices. There are also fixed costs. To make a purchase you shall take part in an auction system. 

Registration is not required to view the assortment, but it is necessary when making transactions. 

Documents: Resale certificate is required for all buyers. 

Delivery: Regardless of the order, the shipping cost is $30 per pallet. Transportation is valid only within the US. 

Pallets are paid depending on their size, weight, and postal distance. 


The company uses stock products of various brands, including Amazon. Available purchase formats are: 

  • boxes;
  • pallets;
  • truckloads. 

Among the most popular types of goods are clothing, housewares, electronics. 

To create an order, the user must register on the website. 

Prices: Purchases are made in the auction format, starting from $100. There are pallets for instant purchase. 

Limits for purchase payment: 

  • bank card for US residents;
  • for citizens of other countries, payment is made by bank transfers. The rule applies to all buyers if the value of the goods exceeds $5,000. 

Amazon pallets for sale: what goods are available? 

Most of the amazon pallets for sale people can find on liquidation companies' websites in the categories of goods for various purposes: 

  • cosmetics;
  • clothing;
  • industrial products; 
  • equipment; 
  • household appliances. 

But some companies sell only one type of product. Therefore, it may be important to run a more thorough search for the necessary articles. 

What's the price?

Most often, the prices of goods vary and depend on sellers. 

Also, the final cost is formed based on such parameters as the type of packaging, weight, dimensions, market value, delivery. In many ways, the pricing depends on the quality of the products. 

In some cases, auctions are held, which also affects prices. 

Average prices for Amazon pallets start at $1,000 and go up to $7,000. 

Large wholesale purchases up to $10,000 can receive special discounts. 

Features of the purchase of returned items 

  1. If you need to make a large purchase (for instance, for charity) or for your company, then amazon pallets to sell are more profitable than standard wholesale purchases. 
  2. If the buyer pays attention to companies with a high rating, then the chances of reliable delivery and bargain of high-quality products are great. 
  3. Most businesses allow returning of their pallets. Amazon's refund policy is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. 


Thus, customers can order Amazon pallets on the websites of liquidation companies by choosing the appropriate parameters. 

Such investment. have several advantages, but the main plus is a lower cost compared to wholesale supply.

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