Everything about discounts at Whole Foods for the elderly. All possible ways to save money


Unfortunately, this store does not provide adult discounts by default, but there are several ways to save even without these discounts. Other options include exclusive discounts on a variety of products and ongoing Prime sales. Read more about discounts for seniors below.

Various discount programs for the elderly in this store

In order to check the information about the discounts, we found the contact details of one of the representatives of this store. This representative told us that this store does not provide any special discount programs for the elderly. Then we decided to contact some more representatives, they were all from different states and they all confirmed this information about the absence of special discount programs.

If you would like to see a list of shops that provide such discount programs are listed, we advise you to read our list.

Discounts are provided to customers of the store of all ages, provided that they are members of the Prime program (discount products can be found online), and members of this program also receive an additional discount if the product is already on a discount (the discount is usually about 10%).

In some regions, this store offers free shipping for Prime members. Now delivery is available only in some cities such as San Diego, California, Phoenix, and others (for details, contact the store or visit the Prime Nau page, there is all the necessary information). This list is constantly expanding, if your city is not yet included in the list, most likely it will appear there soon).

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