What benefits does an employee get when working at Target

Target is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world. The range of product categories is enormous: clothing, cosmetics, food, household items. Those who are going to work at Target should definitely know that various bonuses and discounts from the company are waiting for them. They can be used both individually and in combination with each other, that is, some discounts and promotions are summed up.

When receiving benefits, you can pay with them:

  • online;
  • at any Target store.

In 2022, the following discounts are available for employees:

  • 20% — on food and healthy goods;
  • 10% — for other product categories.

Benefits for Target employees

Among the main benefits available to Target employees are:

  • coupons;
  • discounts;
  • gift cards;
  • other (more details below).

In addition to the profitable purchases of goods, employees get a chance to maintain a quality of their lifestyle and health. It is important that all employees feel good, as this is a kind treatment and, moreover, employees work better if their physical health is in a normal state, and they are in good shape.

Therefore, the company can also take on all the costs of various medical services. Nevertheless, there are certain nuances in the provision of such benefits.

Target employee discount: how is it calculated, and what are the pros?

Discounts on goods are provided in any case: both for online purchases and in stores. Another advantage is the possibility of combining several discounts, which is often not available to ordinary customers. The employee's final receipt is not as large as when making purchases using standard discounts.

Target also allows its employees to save even on those goods and services that Target does not provide. To find out more details about the plans and discount programs, you need to visit the Target webpage and go to the «Expect More. Pay Less».

On the same Internet resource, you can learn how to save money when shopping outside Target. Interesting bonuses for employees include:

  • subscriptions to fitness halls;
  • weight loss programs that allow employees to become slimmer and start enjoying life;
  • children's centers where the workers look after the child at any time if there is no one to sit with him.

All these useful services also have a discount from Target.

Plans for health and well-being

As you can see, in addition to benefits for products and various goods (it doesn’t matter whether they are made online or at the checkout of the store), employees have access to the most useful services that allow them to plan their time, ensure a good state of their physical and psychological health.

These indicators affect their productivity and motivation during the day and for longer periods. Most companies, as a rule, can’t offer such benefits to their employees, as it’s quite expensive. But Target is one of the largest representatives of the business, so this task is up to it.

Dental programs

Target employees can receive oral treatment through Delta Dental. Some procedures are fully paid for by the employer, and some only partially. But still, this option is much more profitable than the usual plan. And a substantial discount is provided.

Vision check-up

The EyeMed Vision Plan program is available for Target employees. The program includes:

  • vision check;
  • purchase of contact lenses; •making of spectacles.

Only these care components are included in the service of this company. The vision check is valid for a year, but for Target employees, such examinations are already included in med insurance.

Med insurance

Target is based on UHC (or UnitedHealtcare) plans. They include a full range of medical services, including examination of patients and rehabilitation in case of diseases and traumas. The program also includes the prevention of various diseases by its detection, and it aimed at improving the quality of life.

In total, you can get one of the medical poles at Target:

  • HMSA;
  • Kaiser;
  • Bind.

To decide which one of these specific plans to choose, you need to know if the program is valid in your region. And these insurances also include benefits for medicines, regardless of what they are:

  • individually prescribed;
  • branded;
  • custom-made;
  • registered: not registered.


Target employees can set aside funds for their HSA or Health savings account. Thanks to this program, you can keep your finances under control. The scheme is as follows: an employee should simply put a part of the salary for various health needs, for example, medicines, dentistry, and some check-ups.

This happens without the participation of an employee, when receiving a salary such a system is very convenient. You can get all the necessary information about current charges and account status without a Target account.

Additional privileges

In addition to basic health insurance, beauty and financial benefits, Target employees can also participate in the following programs:

  • CirrusMD is an online platform that allows you to get a doctor's consultation at any convenient time around the clock.
  • Rx Savings Solutions is a specialized target employee discount program that allows you to save money on prescriptions.
  • GRH (or Grand Rounds Health)— you can get advice from a certified specialist at any time; not only employees, but also their family members can do this.
  • Digital sleep improvement focuses mainly on the treatment of insomnia and other similar diseases.
  • Daylight program (special application) helps to cope with various psycho-emotional dysfunctions, such as anxiety disorder.
  • Immunization (against influenza)— such vaccines are given to all employees by the company, regardless of their insurance plan.
  • Real Appeal is a program that allows you to lose weight and improve your well-being.
  • Support for mothers (including children's centers).

What about personal finance?

Target helps its employees to manage their funds competently, allowing them to keep money and invest it more profitably.

In some cases, an employee must meet certain criteria (for example, age of majority and a certain number of hours worked in the store). According to the TGT 401(k) plan Target makes contributions up to 5% of the salary. This is also indicated in pay stubs.

Other facilities are:

  • Life and disability insurance.
  • Daily Pay benefits (for receiving pay advance).

Conditions for receiving benefits at Target

According to the company's policy, access to benefits is provided to absolutely all employees — both for full-time and part-time workers (with hourly pay).

Insurance, medical and financial benefits are available.

The only point is that some programs require a certain amount of working hours in the store. For example, full med insurance is available only to employees with permanent employment.

Is it worth working at Target?

Many people are wondering whether it's worth going to work at Target. If a good social package, career opportunities and protection of labor rights are important to you, then yes.

At the moment, the company has more than 350 thousand in the USA, and this is not the limit.

Another undoubted advantage is the salary level, which can increase over time and with the growth of skill. The minimum rate for unskilled workers is $15/p.h. Many managers started with small positions in stores such as Target, gradually increasing their qualifications to senior positions.

Therefore, for beginners who want to raise their career level and become professionals, this is a great option.


Thus, Target provides many discounts and preferential programs not only for full-time employees, but also for hourly workers. Among the main categories are med/dental/vision insurance and other offs on medicine, plus different plans to improve physical and mental health.

It also provides an opportunity to start controlling your finances in the most profitable way. Target is a great place to start a career and get a successful promotion.

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