Sunday schedule of the United States Postal Service

Traditionally, Sunday is considered a day off for postal workers. However, with the increasing need for speed by consumers, as well as due to an urgency of many deliveries, some postal services work even on this weekend. For example, United States Postal Service (or USPS).

However, the rule doesn’t apply to all types of parcels, but only to certain types of packs. Among them, there are mail types:

  • USPS Marketing;
  • Priority;
  • First-class;
  • Priority express.

The cost and delivery time are calculated depending on the product being sent.

How do I receive a USPS’s Sunday pack?

When people plan to order a Sunday’s shipment, it is well to have in view that this is only possible for Amazon products and packs marked “Priority express”. For a while, the Sunday-couriers carried other sorts of parcels, but now these conditions don’t apply.

Priority express mails — the swiftest shipments, so if you need urgently send a post, choose this shipping option. This type of shipment is much more expensive, but customers understand what they are paying for. A guaranteed service of 1-2 days is also provided for packs of this class. The insurance is $100. If the pack doesn’t arrive by 3 pm. on the appointed date, senders return their funds.

It is essential to know that senders for Sundays’ shipments make an additional payment. But packaging materials are free (although because of this, a postage fee is charged for this type of shipment). Priority mail express should be chosen for:

  • business correspondence;
  • envelopes;
  • contracts;
  • personal docs (e.g. passport);
  • postcards.

Is it possible to receive a quick package on Sunday?

It’s not possible to receive and send a pack marked “first class” throughout the US on Sundays, since such letters are not considered very important and urgent. Therefore, they are not worth focusing the courier services’ attention on them on a single “postal” weekend. Such mails include:

  • bills;
  • bank cards;
  • personal correspondence;
  • postcards;
  • parcels (up to 13 ounces).

Usually, such shipments contain 1-2 postage stamps.

Does the USPS deliver on Sunday parcels and correspondence?

If you use Priority mail class, the answer is “No”. The weight of the shipments in this case usually reaches 70 pounds and refers to:

  • letters;
  • accounts/receipts;
  • invoices;
  • business documentation.

Therefore, Priority Express may be applied: the facility differs from the standard transfer by transfer period/cost. If conditions allow, the courier arrives to the address the same/next day. Further information will be presented in the context of this postal facility.

The payment includes the possibility of tracking the shipment, so that in case of failure or error, the sender can return the money back.

How does the USPS courier service work now?

On Sundays, the courier service hires third-party drivers. Therefore, the terms and time of delivery may vary and differ from the corporation’s rules.

Courier service working hours on Sunday

The parcel on Sunday should reach its destination within 24 hours before 18:30. Otherwise, the senders can take back their funds. There is also an insurance system. Standard delivery work hour is 10:30 am. For packages from Amazon, the shipping time is more flexible, so you may be required to wait for the courier till a later time. Delivery may be delayed until 22:00 (in exceptional cases).

What about the prices?

When receivers are interested, “Does the USPS deliver on Sunday?”, they are also concerned about how much it might cost.

Prices vary with weight, parcel dimensions and the shipping area (final destination). An additional payment is made for an exceeded mileage. The shipments at fixed rates use universal packaging, and their weight limit is 70 pounds.

To order a cheaper shipment, the parcel must meet the general requirements and have an intelligent mail barcode.

To send a pack, you need to select:

  • estimated date of receipt;
  • destination (country);
  • mail format: letter/postcard/large envelope/package/mailbag.

The last point is very important, as it directly affects the final cost. Each format has international dimensions:

  • length (up to 108”);
  • height;
  • thickness (width);
  • girth.

You will have to make compensation for the excess inches. Meanwhile, m-bags may be of any dimensions.

Senders need to pay a flat rate = nearly $27 — for the minimum weight when making urgent mail. The sender also pays about $13 for Sunday shipment (co-payment).

To calculate the shipment’s price more accurately, you need to go to the official USPS website, then select “Retail Calculator”.

In addition to standard mails, you can receive Amazon goods. The product is offered to both Prime program subscribers and regular customers. But the first ones get an opportunity to receive the parcel in 1-2 days. People may apply the service in most of the US regions, and in case of ordering a pack through the Amazon platform, you pay zero additional fees.

Is it conceivable receiving a Sunday pack at a postal department?

Despite the fact that the US postal service revised traditions, conventional postal rooms still don’t operate on the last day of the week. That’s because it is the sole free day for postal service employees.

But this is not a reason to postpone the postal matter. Instead, there is a possibility of using various USPS online services, with which a sender may buy a shipping label and plan other mailing details. Nevertheless, people have an opportunity to send a parcel only on Sunday through other services, filling out the necessary forms. They also may wait until Monday.


Sundays — are the days when USPS-drivers work, but the shipping is only active for priority shipments/Amazon parcels. This method is convenient in time and allows you to send a pack with a money-back guarantee, although it’s more expensive. This service is designed to receive and send time-urgent parcels. That gives senders an opportunity to make an immediate shipment.

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