Mailing Activity At Night. How Late Does USPS Deliver?

A busy day may bring an issue of not all packages being delivered during the daytime. When this happens, how is the situation handled? You are not able to access your local post office in the late evening. If this is Saturday, then the trouble is actually worse. So should the ones deliberately waiting for their package keep waiting at night? Or maybe this is pointless, and they should go to bed until the next day? Find out in this article.

Is Night Deliverance Possible?

The Postal Service doesn't always finish all of its work until it gets late. The cases of delivering the mail past 6 pm are in existence. It is even possible to get your package at 10 pm, but this is extremely unlikely. The reason an exception can be made might involve holidays or bad weather.

If you are in a wait for a package and want to learn until how late there is a chance to receive it, keep reading the article. You will also get information about the delivery policy during weekends.

To have a look at the problem, let's consider the following hours: 7, 8, 9, and 10 pm. Is mail delivered at that time?

7 pm Delivery

Because of the weather condition, postal carriers that don't have enough experience or are too few in number, from time to time, post services might be provided late, delaying the reception of your mail to 7 pm. In most cases, the carrier is not the one to blame.

Imagine how many obstacles may stand in the way of postal service in December. In the holiday season, when Christmas is celebrated, an enormous number of people want to send or order something, so it weighs heavy on the shoulders of mail carriers. Additionally, snowy winter weather, bad roads, and early nighttime increase the slowdown, causing a shift to 7 pm.

8 pm Delivery

It has been declared that the post works from 8 am to 5 pm. However, as a widely acknowledged fact, the transportation might run quite long. In some cases, when the mail reaches its destination, the clock is already beating 8 pm. This is truer for packages and can also happen with First-Class orders.

If such late delivery turns into frequent occurrences, you should have a talk with your local post office representative about the problem.

9 pm Delivery

Late in the evening, even if you feel like you have already been waiting for an eternity, and you think the package won't come, how hopeless the situation seems, you still have a chance to obtain your mail. On scarce occurrences, a package can arrive at 9 pm.

It is good advice to check the local news to see if there are any special circumstances that could influence the mail delivery.

See if there is a natural catastrophe near you, or maybe a car accident or a power supply issue disrupted the traffic, so the carrier can't reach you until 9 pm.

10 pm Delivery

This scenario is absurdly unlikely, but even 9 pm is not a limit for mail delivery. At the time of as late as 10 pm, your package can still be delivered to you.

The reasoning behind the late arrival might include a celebration of a holiday, weather events, power outages, and car accidents.

While the source of the issue is present, you will be getting late mail regularly. After the trouble is dealt with, the timing of deliveries will continue at its normal pace, so you will not have to wait until 10 pm to get your package.

Until when is it still possible to get a letter or a package?

A curious mail receiver might have a reasonable question: how late does USPS deliver? Officially, all deliveries should be made until 5 pm. The website claims the following: "All deliveries should be made by 5 pm local time Monday through Saturday."

As it should be understood, the world is not an ideal place. Various circumstances can postpone the delivery time.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to you if mail arrives at 6 or even 7 pm.

Getting mail delivered later is a really rare occasion. With that, waiting for a few hours extra is an option if there is a particular circumstance in your area that slows down post services. The postal service will try to deliver all packages as fast as possible to fit into the normal schedule after the situation stabilizes. If you want to indicate the carriers as troublemakers, think about how likely they enjoy working at night.

If you have noticed a problem in the work of the USPS, you can check out the Service Alerts page to address your concern.

What is done in case of late shipping?

If a package is sent in the nighttime, don't expect it to arrive immediately. Getting it early in the morning is very unlikely.

You shouldn't wait for the item that was shipped in the morning during the same day. If someone sent you a package at 11 pm, this doesn't mean you should be waiting until 9 or 10 pm to receive it.

Expect the item to arrive the next day. If that doesn't happen, then the sender will get a full refund.

Is Delivery Different In Weekends?

For the post, Saturday is the same as any other weekday. They don't have special terms for weekends.

Mail might arrive late on Saturday, but that happens the same way as when inside a week. Your package is still promised to be delivered up to 5 pm, and there are reasons why you might get your package from 6 to 10 pm, discussed previously.

It might be tempting to think the post works later at weekends. But don't get fooled if you notice a late delivery on Saturday. Don't assume this is because of the weekend. There has to be a different circumstance that caused the delay.


Typically, 5 pm is when all mail is delivered by the post. However, this is not always the case because of possible external factors.

A courier can be forced to work between 6 and 10 pm if a strong reason leads to the late arrival.

During weekend hours, the situation is no different.

USPS is putting in its effort to minimize the inconvenience associated with late delivery.

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