Does Staples provide a notary service?

Staples has nothing to do with the notary service. The company doesn’t have the right to notarize documents. It doesn’t even have a notary on staff. We consulted several shops in different states to clarify the point. As the result, we get no confirmation of the idea, that Staples provides a notary service. 

Despite the fact, the company can’t notarize documents, it provides some important equipment. The clients can buy notary stamps for any state. Besides, Staples provides some other important things for an office job. It includes photo printing, document scanning and fax sending. 

So, where to look for a notary public?
Notary service is available in many bank departments. In the latter research, we stated other 30 places where such offers are available. The list includes the places where the client can get notarized documents or similar services. There given places that are working on weekends and follow late hours. We also provide pricing for the client to know how much he will have to pay for the service. Besides, there is also an opportunity to find a mobile notary. Such a service is provided by the website Notary Locate. 

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