Is notary public provided in the Walmart network?

Short answer
In fact, Walmart doesn’t have such a service. Nevertheless, some shops have small departments with a notary public service. More detailed information can be got from the article given below about the Walmart.

Is there a notary public in Walmart?
The company doesn’t provide the service connected with notary. It is connected with the whole company. At the same time, some immense shopping malls of Walmart, there are some departments that has such services. It can be either banks or other institutions that have notaries. 

We wanted to know the exact information about it. So, we connected with several shops in various states all over the country. None of the shops claimed that they provide notary services. Nevertheless, a big shopping-mall in Louisiana stated that they have a small business with notarization. 

Lots of banks and other institutions provide the following services. Some big banks, for instance, like Woodforest National Bank has the official department in the Walmart network. So, it means that the client can apply for such a service. Be careful, as the prices can be really different in such departments. 

If you want to know, if it is possible to find a notary public in Walmart, there are two ways of how to do it. The first is to connect the dank department just phone directly to a local Walmart shop.

There are no fixed commissions for the service. It all depends on the territory and the size of the Walmart store. At the same time, we provided some information about the pricing on our former reviews. They give the current price almost in every state of the country. It includes an average price in general.

What are other places to look for notaries?
There are some other places that have notary services. Some of them are working even on weekends. They can provide the service even in the late evening.

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