Offer phase in US Postal Service: features

Getting a job is often an exciting event in the life of any person. But potential employees of the USPS company sometimes have to wait a very long time for a response from the employer, and having gone through all the identification procedures. Although a work in the company is quite stable and offers employees various benefits, some do not stand up to expectations and start looking for other vacancies. How can we calmly get over with this period? Read more in the article.

What if you are stuck in the offer phase Ext USPS?

It is important to know that the offer phase is one of the last stages of interviews, and the most tough part is definitely over. Usually, the applicant is invited to undergo a fingerprinting procedure and a medical examination for narcotic substances in the blood. It is believed that people agree to work in this company, and they shall only wait for the final decision of the management.

But it is also essential to understand that you should not be prematurely happy about hiring, since circumstances may change several times.

Offer phase of Ext USPS: when will I get an answer?

According to the experience of applicants, this stage is a crucial period, but it can last as long as the first interviews combined. In forums, people often discuss the problem associated with long-term hiring. For some people, this phase takes from numerous weeks to months. It's really hard to remain in ignorance for so long.

Here's what we know: if a company doesn’t face an acute shortage of employees, a decision can take a very long time. And future employees who have previously gone through a complex way, should better keep cool, patient and wait for the result. Experts advise setting for a 3-month wait as the maximum period. It seems crazy, but US Postal Service is a prosperous and stable company, and haste is not its case.

The distribution of functional responsibilities in this company is interesting. Being a part of the state system, the management of the organization may make independent decisions. And thus, the USPS operates autonomously. Therefore, the bosses can be chosen only by internal voting of the company itself. However, the President of the United States can somehow influence the voters’ decision: his proposal on the choice of a desirable candidate is enough.

But independence has its price: the financial assets of the US Postal Service are not protected by the federal government, so any problems can lead to the ruin of the organization. That is why the company's management takes care of cost planning and carefully checks not only existing employees but also potential applicants. Vigilance in this case is only beneficial, as it helps to avoid serious mistakes in the future.

The lack of funding from the state can also be explained by the increased tariffs for mailing and additional fees/commissions. And time is money. Therefore, hiring personnel turns out to be a very expensive process. But the investments are worth it and over time they pay off. Only for this purpose, it is necessary to hire proven and reliable performers who appreciate the corporate culture and don’t pose a threat to the company's development.

Therefore, if the offer phase of Ext USPS is delayed, don’t be upset. You need to understand that this is a standard practice, and most likely your situation is under control.

There are even cases when an employee is formally hired, but the waiting phase is still displayed in his LiteBlue profile. So this is also one factor that you should pay close attention to. It shows whether the employee is an active worker of the company.

Offer phase: am I accepted?

After going through several stages of tiring interviews and providing all personal information, applicants want to be sure they will definitely be hired. However, this is a misconception. Next, the applicant will have to receive a new employee orientation letter from the employer. It promises excellent prospects when applying for a workplace, but it still doesn’t mean a 100% positive response.

Usually, after receiving such correspondence, you need to pass additional tests related to knowledge of performing duties. Even after that, the waiting period can stretch for a couple of months.

«Map» of interviews

To understand better what the offer phase means, you need to find out what the employee had to overcome before. And it will become clear that many trials have already been passed, and it’s not worth to give up everything, being almost a step away from victory.

First, a potential employee must fill out a questionnaire and apply for a job. At this stage, most candidates are eliminated. If the management is interested in the application, the person will be asked to pass the postal exam 473. It contains questions on the postal service’s functionality of the employee, working with parcels, letters. The candidate's experience and matching skills are checked. The test is quite simple, but requires a quick reaction since the time for answers is limited.

The test comprises four parts:

  1. the acquaintance with addresses;
  2. literacy in filling out receipts and labels;
  3. code assignment and memory (requires an excellent result when planning a route);
  4. the most detailed part, involving answers to personal questions related to work experience in courier and postal services.

To pass the exam successfully, the candidate needs to score about 70 points.

In case of prosperous test completion, the candidate may be invited to an interview. It can be individual or take place with several applicants at once. Until the last possible moment, the form of the meeting may change, so the applicant needs to orient in to both interview ways. Starting from this stage, the applicant gets into the category of a potential worker.

Now candidates begin a genuine struggle with time and with themselves. The fact is that from now on every person is checked for a criminal record, problems with the law, and they are also interested in the experience at the previous workplace. And after that, a person may be asked to take other tests.

Then, the applicant gets into the list of potential employees, and he must wait for the decision of the management. Even if a person is not hired, he can count on a letter of recommendation, which is already a pleasant bonus when applying to other companies, since the USPS is quite an impressive and authoritative figure in the postal services market. In addition, such a document says that the candidate has a grand chance to pass the ultimate tests and get a dream job.

The procedure for submitting an application and passing the test may differ depending on the local rules established by the organization’s affiliate.


The USPS's offer phase can unnerve candidates with its duration, but this stage should be passed with endurance if you are set up for the long term and want to get a reliable place of work. After all, everything has almost worked out!

To learn more about the list of vacancies, the hiring procedure, the interview process, and for practicing specialized tests, visit the official website of the company and go to the «Career» section.

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